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"Customer feedback feeds the knowledge of advisors and vice versa"

The self care editor, Smart Tribune, has just raised 8 million euros to accelerate the distribution of its solutions. Jérémy Gallemard, its president, discusses the strategy and the development of the tools.

You offer self care solutions, what are the needs of customer service teams in this area? How does this differ from the needs of customers?

We are a 360° self care solution provider and consulting agency, we personalise and automate the experience of customers and employees. We create knowledge bases and pathways that allow customers and customer advisors of a company to access the answers they need at any time, because there is a strong synergy between these two levels of knowledge. The main difficulty concerns the constitution of these knowledge bases, the nature of the answers to be provided, the structuring of the base, the integration into the pathway, etc.

The needs are similar in terms of relevance, availability, accessibility and updating in real time. The feedback from some allows us to feed the knowledge of others and vice versa, which is what makes our solution unique. Our new GPT-based customer and advisor knowledge base generation offer, which has been tested with several clients over the past few weeks, can automatically provide pre-answers, thus reducing the integration time for a new answer by almost 70%.

You have announced a fundraising of €8 million, what are your objectives?

This is our first round of funding, which was managed by Ader Finance and raised from Elevation Capital Partners and the investment fund La Poste Ventures, operated by XAnge, and validates the relevance of the model and allows us to see further and bigger. We plan to recruit around 20 employees in 2023 (half in customer advisors and half in R&D) and to double our workforce by 2024 (we currently employ 51 people). Our goal is to continue to support our clients and to enrich our technology, based on AI.

Can you give some examples of applications of your solution?

We create personalised paths for Club Med, which operates in many countries, to deliver answers in the right language and in any time zone. We don't just provide solutions, but also advice. Our aim is to personalise the buying process as much as possible by providing the right answer at the right time and even in the sales tunnel. For example, in the case of Club Med, it is relevant to provide answers related to family travel, whose presence can be a hindrance or a source of questions.

One of our other innovations for our clients is to offer the answer to the user, not just the path to it. Not just the path to it. Instead of giving the process - "go to your account" and "click here to download an invoice" - a path that can generate errors and wastes the user's time, we offer the action directly, "download your invoice". Low-value answers are thus handled in self-care and advisers can concentrate on more complex resolutions.

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