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Digital Marketing School Label launched

In order to create a bridge between schools and professionals, four digital marketing professional associations (the CPA, IAB France, the Mobile Marketing Association and the DMA France) have joined forces to offer a quality label to establishments providing training in digital marketing.

The four main professional associations (CPA, IAB France, La Mobile Marketing Association, DMA France), covering all digital marketing professions and representing more than 500 companies and 200,000 employees, have developed a quality label, the objective of which is to promote the employability of students and young graduates by ensuring that their training is as close as possible to changes in the digital marketing professions.

The DMS Label is aimed, in the first instance, at all degree courses at BAC+5 level in the following fields Digital, Communication, Marketing, Advertising, E-business, Data Marketing. Several training institutions have already expressed their interest in the label and have begun the certification process. The first panel of judges will meet on 31 March 2022 to select the first certified courses.

François Deltour, President of the association steering the Digital Marketing School Label, says: "We are delighted with the close and friendly collaboration between the CPA, the IAB France, the Mobile Marketing Association and the DMA France, which gives the Digital Marketing School Label a strong legitimacy. It is the result of a joint effort by the main professional associations to smoothen the relationship between students, training institutions and companies. It is an essential step to support the growth of our market.

Why a Digital Marketing School Label?

Companies in the online advertising sector are planning to open 3,500 positions in 2022*, while a third of employers agree that the skills shortage is more pronounced than a year ago**. In the world of digital marketing and communication, tools, skills and professions are in perpetual motion: new jobs created, new needs of companies. On the one hand, the academic world alone cannot keep up with all the trends, and on the other, fast-growing companies that need specific skills, in internships, work-study and permanent contracts. The Digital Marketing School label is the result of a meeting of the four major associations of professionals in the sector who wish to establish operational "bridges" between future young graduates and companies in the market.

In tandem with the approval of courses in accordance with industry standards and recommendations, the aim of the label is also to nurture the student and faculty ecosystem by facilitating the organisation of conferences, operational seminars and other events in line with the business players and the needs of companies. In addition, priority access is given to students of the labelled establishments to obtain internships, work-study placements or permanent contracts.

A wide variety of professions involved

With respect to the numerous professions that make up digital marketing, companies in the field have a permanent need for diversified, qualified and operational profiles. With a particular difficulty: these jobs evolve rapidly, under the dual impetus of technological advances and changes in consumption patterns, implying a regular adjustment of digital marketing training. In order to create the conditions for serene growth, companies are involved, through the DMS Label, in training their future employees in professions such as: SEO strategist, growth hacker, social media manager, content strategist, UX designer, email marketing manager, mobile web project manager, CRM manager, web editorial manager, data scientist, paid media manager, e-commerce manager, affiliation manager, media trader, customer success manager, acquisition manager, etc.

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