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Infographic Cross-border marketplaces in Europe: eBay in the lead

EBay, AliExpress and Amazon form the top three cross-border marketplaces operating in Europe, according to the top 100 established by Cross-Border Commerce Europe.

The total cross-border e-commerce market in Europe, including the UK, Switzerland and Norway, is worth €198.5 billion in 2020 (excluding travel), of which €115.4 billion, or 58%, is generated by marketplaces. Amazon and eBay have a turnover of €44.3 billion and €22.8 billion in 2020, i.e. more than half the market. The top 100 cross-border marketplaces have a turnover of €100 billion in Europe. During the Covid-19 pandemic, marketplaces grew by 37.5%, driven by CtoC marketplaces. This growth is expected to continue in 2021 to reach 65% of cross-border online sales in Europe by 2025, according to the study.


Study conducted by CBCommerce with FedEx Express and Worldline. The "Top 100 Marketplaces Cross-Border Europe" is a compilation of cross-border data on the sites of global marketplaces. The ranking is obtained by four parameters:

- Cross-border online sales in Europe (28 countries in Eastern and Western Europe including Great Britain, Switzerland and Norway);

- SEO indicators of cross-border performance;

- A cross-border score determined according to the number of countries covered;

- The number and percentage of cross-border visits.

Four additional parameters refine the ranking:

- The type of business model of marketplaces (BtoB - BtoC - PtoP - CtoC...);

- The pan-European strategy of the marketplaces brand.

- The "AI & Big data" strategy of marketplaces.

- The type and number of services offered to their marketplaces customers.

This study takes into account all types of online platforms BtoC, BtoB, CtoC, PtoP and covers all sectors except travel and the sharing economy.

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