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Supply chain jobs will become more important in 2022

In the aftermath of the health crisis, and in the midst of the raw materials crisis, supply chain professions have had to face new challenges, but above all they have become more important. The recognition and remuneration of these professions in 2022 should reflect this growth.

The health crisis has underlined the importance, agility and resilience of the supply chain by highlighting the procurement, logistics and distribution functions. According to a study on remuneration by sector in 2022, conducted by Michael Page, 12% of companies' turnover is generated by logistics activity and 1.8 million professionals work in the logistics sector in France.

According to the study, the most sought-after professions in 2022 in the supply sector will be, in particular, supply and chain manager. The latter should see its salary increase, and the supply chain manager is one of the profiles that have emerged during this period of crisis, the remuneration of this position varies between 75 and 200k gross per year, depending on seniority.

The supply chain has also accelerated its digitalization and should favor the emergence of new jobs related to data analysis: engineering, sustainable development and the circular economy. In addition, the increase in parcel volumes processed since the beginning of the crisis, particularly by e-commerce players, is also forcing companies to modernize their supply chain. The shortage of profiles related to logistics such as warehousemen, forklift operators, team leaders, paralyzes the operational professions. This implies redoubling efforts to attract and retain these professionals.

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