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The AccesSourd community focuses on phone accessibility

The operators Acceco, Deafi, Elioz and Sourdline form the AccesSourd community and make their voices heard on the subject of telephone accessibility measures for deaf, aphasic and hard of hearing consumers.

In line with article 105 of the law for a digital Republic, several stakeholders specialized in telephone accessibility decided to create a dedicated community, baptised AccesSourd. Indeed, Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of Transformation and Public Service, Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister in charge of the disabled, and Cédric O, Secretary of State in charge of Digital Transition and Electronic Communications have launched a reflection, through a prefiguration mission, on telephone accessibility for deaf, hard of hearing, aphasic and deafblind consumers and citizens.

The companies Acceco, Deafi, Elioz and Sourdline aim to contribute to this initiative by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the different actions undertaken. The obligations included in article 105 apply to mobile operators, private sector companies, via their customer service, and the public sector. The operators must offer a telephone accessibility solution to consumers with hearing impairments or aphasia, while the obligation to offer such a service applies to public services as well as to companies with a turnover exceeding 250 million euros.

If the community considers positively the scope of this obligation, it expresses a reservation regarding the lack of impact study prior to the parliamentary debates. The opinion of Arcep (Electronic Communications and Posts Regulatory Authority), issued in March 2017, would also not have been taken into account.

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