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What are users looking for on online platforms?

TikTok reveals the results of a study on consumer behaviour on digital platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube) in five European countries (France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain).

As the number of users of digital platforms continues to grow, with a 13.2% growth over the last twelve months (Digital Report 2021 Annual Study, published by Hootsuite and We Are Social). TikTok was interested in better understanding their mindset and behaviour during their online experience, via the "TikTok Audience Understanding Research", conducted by Clear M&C Saatchi among 4,000 European users. It reveals seven different user profiles, each of which corresponds to a particular state of mind and not an age criterion.

  • "Entertain me" - These users are mainly looking for levity, to laugh and be entertained. They are open to the different types of content offered to them. If they see something they like, they easily share it with a friend or their children.

  • "I Participate" - These users want to share and interact within a community. They are already in a positive and open mindset. They don't need to see entertaining content. Instead, they want to share their opinion, what they have done or how they feel.

  • "I Am Positive" - This group needs a break from their daily lives and not to think about "real life". Don't show them content they have to think about. They want happy, pleasant and relaxing content, not news or other people's news.

  • "I'm Discovering" - These users want a little distraction to pace their day. They are keen to discover new things, or to be informed of the latest news. They want to feel productive, not just disconnected.

  • "I'm informed" - These users expect to know all about the latest news - whether it's personalities, creators, trends, their interests or acquaintances. They don't particularly want to chat or hang out too much online, but simply to be 'up to date'.

  • "I interact" - This group wishes to talk and laugh with their loved ones. For them, it's not about scrolling through content that only they can see, but rather spending time with their friends and family.

  • "I'm learning" - These users want to learn and know more about a specific topic. Whether it is to improve themselves, understand something, or discover new products and services. Since they are already focused on a particular topic, they don't want to see content that doesn't match their interest.

Which users prefer TikTok over other platforms?

Throughout the study, over 9,000 occasions of use of digital platforms were collected as respondents shared their behaviours in an online diary. The study revealed four user profiles within the TikTok community;

  1. "Entertain me" - More than any other platform, users on TikTok are more likely to be in this mindset. The study found that in 21% of cases, respondents in to TikTok for entertainment.

  2. "I Am Positive" - 20% of the opportunities to use the platform were to access heartwarming content.

  3. "I Participate" - TikTok also has a large number of users in this category, accounting for 13% of the platform's usage opportunities. 83% of users in this category are more likely to respond positively to branded content compared to an average of 59% on other platforms.

  4. "I'm Discovering" - Finally, this user profile is quite present on TikTok since it corresponds to 8% of the occasions of use.

TikTok's codes and world allow for better engagement with users: 60% of users reported feeling joyful during their experience on the platform.

  • 73% of users regularly share shopping inspiration and advice to friends and family about products they might like.

  • 72% are not bothered by branded content. 67% of users even feel closer to brands that are present on their preferred platforms. 63% enjoy watching branded ads and even let them run all the way through instead of moving on to other content.

  • 54% of users remember branded content.

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