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Where can I find consumer insights?

Using customer information is crucial to developing a marketing strategy. How should consumer insights be structured?

What is a consumer insight?

Consumer insight is new and enlightened information about a brand or about customers in a well-defined market. It brings together demographic data such as gender, age, sex, geographical location, etc. It also deals with information relating to

  • The customer journey;

  • buyer interests

  • Customer recommendations;

  • Consumer experience.

How do you recognise a consumer insight?

Genuine insights meet certain criteria:

  • Novelty ;

  • Unexpected: not sought after;

  • Relevance: check whether the data is relevant to your business objectives or to those of your customers;

  • Incentive: the information prompts you to draw up an action plan.

Marketing: why know your consumers?

To be able to offer the right products, you need to know what your customers want. Note that the quality of the data collected influences the study. To gain a competitive edge:

  • Analyse your targets' needs;

  • Observe the behaviour of your competitors' consumers and their consumption habits (why don't they choose you?);

  • Examine trends in your sector;

  • Identify new target audiences: these are your future customers.

Consumer insights help you make the best decisions to promote your business. They also enable you to target your marketing effectively.

Consumer insight platforms

Consumer insight platforms are used to disseminate certain information relating to one or more segments. They can also be used to gather consumer insights.

Leboncoin has launched its own platform to help advertisers run successful campaigns on the site. The tool helps advertisers get to know their leads and facilitates targeted marketing. According to Fabien Scolan, VP Advertising at Leboncoin Groupe, the platform contains more than 50 million anonymised and proprietary data. Leboncoin Publicité Insight helps advertisers to analyse:

  • Customer profile;

  • Customer experience;

  • Consumption moments;

  • Consumer feedback.

  • Structuring consumer insights using social networks

Social networks make it easier to structure consumer insights. Social insights help you to adopt a better marketing strategy.

To detect consumer insights on social media :

  • Use a social listening tool: it allows you to track all comments and publications about your brand;

  • Analyse your audience: for example, look at the profile of people who mention your brand;

  • Discover the topics associated with your company;

  • Identify the discussions that concern you;

  • Identify the competition: their strategies, their audiences, etc.

In order to implement a winning strategy:

  • Gather customer information;

  • Optimise the consumer experience;

  • Know your target audience;

  • Manage product launches;

  • Innovate regularly.

These steps are also recommended to improve customer loyalty.

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