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The Place, where DATA & CONTENT meet.

With solutions across multiple channels, NETMEDIA GROUP creates more personalized and dynamic customer experiences and more targeted media buys. We monitor billions of digital data points to optimize for your success. We are 100% focused on sales results for our clients and deliver measurable results in real time.

Sales leads are the cornerstone success point to any business-to-business (B2B) industry.  A wide range of bespoke solutions can be deployed to meet any sales requirements. We adapt to the client needs and produce powerful tools for large scale lead generation projects across the globe. 


We monitor behavior of high value B2B prospects on account-based level at every stage of the purchasing process across all medias. Engage buyers, nurture them, and ensure win-ready leads to sales. 


We deliver high quality leads and we offer plug-in tool to leverage these directly to your system with 100% GDPR comliancy, ensured by Lola Grove.

250M @-contacts worldwide
up to 15% Open Rate