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The beatles were the best because they never

did the same thing twice.

Steve Jobs

When it’s time to expand internationally - you need the right partner to support you in building your international reputation. 

The Group is supporting businesses at every step of their innovation and digital transformation path with a
multi-media range of performing solutions across the globe. 

Combining an intimate knowledge of European B2B & B2C audience, we create a value in the local market and achieve results with global scale. By designing and delivering immersive and augmented strategies, our innovative approach allows us to integrate online and offline media channels. Grounded in careful planning we are measuring cross-channel influence internationally, exploring the impact across all touchpoints in 360° field.

Some top services: Audience profiling, ROI & KPI modelling, Insight & Research, Strategic campaign monitoring.


Working with NetMedia is great. His treatment with the agency/client is exemplary. The leads are of excellent quality, always delivered on time and with all the necessary information and respecting the GDPR.