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  • Emmanuelle Serrano

Bazaarvoice acquires Granify

Bazaarvoice acquires Granify, a company specializing in AI-based contextualization for e-commerce, enabling brands and retailers to boost conversion and online sales. With the addition of Granify's solution to its portfolio, Bazaarvoice continues to strengthen its range of full-funnel e-commerce solutions, enabling brands and retailers to make it easier for potential buyers to discover their products, and to increase conversion and average basket size.

Bazaarvoice, leader in product reviews, user-generated content (UGC) and social commerce solutions, has decided to acquire Granify, a contextualization solution for e-commerce. This acquisition reflects Bazaarvoice's commitment to investing in cutting-edge technologies to optimize search tools for e-commerce sites, ensuring seamless shopping experiences for Internet users and boosting sales for businesses.

By bypassing personally identifiable information (PII) and leveraging AI and machine learning technology, Granify's contextualization software overcomes the main obstacles to creating personalized browsing experiences, combining in-session shopper behavioral data with contextual cues to identify key moments in each shopper's journey to improve conversion.

Optimized integration with the consumer journey

Granify's approach ensures brand security and enhances the shopping experience with tools such as social proof, personalized search results, T&Cs, stock level and pricing information, and personalized offers, all seamlessly integrated into the consumer journey. With Bazaarvoice's product and UGC data, retailers and brands will be able to create tailor-made shopping experiences for each customer within a single platform.

Keith Nealon, CEO of Bazaarvoice, says: "Consumers are increasingly demanding a unique and personalized shopping experience, while at the same time being more and more concerned about how their personal and browsing data is used. At Bazaarvoice, we're committed to providing shoppers with the information they really want and need at the right time. Our brands and retail customers are increasingly looking to differentiate themselves by offering consumers personalized, relevant and engaging experiences. This acquisition enables them to do just that, within a single, full-tunnel content solution. Our investment in Granify underlines our commitment to being at the forefront of online shopping experiences".

Providing buyers with the right information at the right time

The Granify solution is already being used by a number of retailers to increase revenues from mobile sites and applications for many brands, in many countries. Jeff Lawrence, CEO of Granify, comments: "Granify was created on the premise that shoppers expect personalized, relevant and engaging shopping experiences. By analyzing thousands of behavioral and contextual data points for each shopping session, Granify identifies opportunities to provide shoppers with the right information at the right time so they can make informed buying decisions.

The result is an improved shopping experience, which translates into increased revenues for brands and retailers. By joining Bazaarvoice, we will combine our unique capabilities with their full-funnel content solutions, to ensure that brands and retailers provide consumers with exceptional shopping experiences, driving conversion."

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