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A new competition dedicated to women entrepreneurs

To accompany them and allow them to go to the end of their project: this is the signature of the new competition dedicated to women entrepreneurship in metropolitan and overseas France. Launched on Monday, July 5, 2021 by the Women's Entrepreneurship Association, it is entirely free of charge.

Launched by the association of Female Entrepreneurship, a new business creation contest dedicated to women is organized! Its objective is mixed: first, to accompany women through mentoring and e-learning training and second, to promote entrepreneurship among young people and associations. Thus, the one of the Female Entrepreneurship hopes to encourage women to undertake after the health crisis.

Three accompaniments to entrepreneurship are to be won, two in metropolitan France and one in overseas. Their approximate value is 3.000 euros each. Interested candidates can register between July and September.

The second phase will take place in October. Ten candidates will be invited to pitch for 10 minutes in front of the jury members. Finally, the results will be announced on November 15, triggering the start of the year of support for the winners. You know what you have to do.

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