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  • Colin de Korsak

Braincube raises €83 million to improve industrial productivity using AI

Braincube, which is developing a platform to optimise the productivity of industrial companies, has announced that it has raised €83 million. The deal will enable the company to consolidate its position in its market.

Braincube, a SaaS industrial data platform, has announced that it has raised €83 million in financing. Founded in 2008 by Laurent Laporte and Sylvain Rubat, the company has developed digital solutions designed to help manufacturers improve their productivity using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

The mission of its SaaS industrial AI platform is to turn data into insights. Its aim is to enable companies to improve the quality, productivity and sustainability of their factories. The company's aim is to enable factories to generate profits by optimising the manufacturing conditions of their products.

According to Braincube, this optimisation of production chains has enabled its client companies to make savings of more than $10 billion and reduce their carbon emissions by 2.5 million tonnes.

Strong growth

The company, which has grown rapidly in recent years, now has more than 250 employees in France, Europe, the United States and Brazil. Its platform is used on production sites in 35 countries. This financing will enable the company to strengthen its position in its market.

Braincube's solution is aimed at several industrial sectors, including the food industry, pulp and paper, construction materials, tyres and plastics. Its customers include major international companies such as Bridgestone and International Paper.

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