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  • Colin de Korsak

CEO: 8 tips for disconnecting during the holidays

It's sometimes difficult to let go of your responsibilities as an executive, even when you're on holiday. Here are some tips on how to let go and make the most of your days off.

Rest and disconnection are not only good for your mental and physical health, but also for your productivity and creativity. It's important to come back from your holidays refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. To achieve this, here are a few good practices to adopt.

1. Plan ahead

Planning your holiday in advance gives you the opportunity to deal with any pressing issues before you leave. You can schedule meetings to discuss the responsibilities to be taken on during your absence, any problems that may arise, and possible solutions. This way, the team is prepared and you can leave with peace of mind.

2. Delegate

Delegating is a crucial aspect of leadership and even more important when you're preparing to go on holiday. Identify the members of your team who have the skills and abilities to manage your tasks while you're away. Make sure they have all the information and resources they need to succeed. It's also a great development opportunity for your team members.

3. Communicate

Good communication is essential for a smooth transition. Make sure your team, staff, and customers know that you will be unavailable and who to contact in your absence. An automatic absence email can also be a good way of communicating this information.

4. Set clear limits

Holidays are supposed to be a time for rest and disconnection. If you decide to stay in touch with work, set clear limits. For example, you might decide to check your email once a day at a specific time. It's important to respect these limits if you really want to disconnect.

5. Deactivate notifications

To help you stick to these limits, you can turn off notifications on your phone or computer for work-related applications. This will help you resist the temptation to constantly check emails or messages.

6. Keep your mind occupied

Doing things you enjoy while you're on holiday will help you switch off from work. Whether it's reading a good book, playing sport, travelling to a new place, cooking new recipes, or any other activity, having something that captures your attention and appeals to you can help you relax and disconnect from work.

7. Be present

Trying to focus entirely on what you're doing at any given time can help calm the mind and reduce stress. Whether you're spending time with your family or enjoying an activity you love, being fully present in the moment can help you disconnect from work.

8. Don't feel guilty

It's important to understand that taking care of yourself is not a sign of weakness, but a necessity for your mental and physical health. Rest and disconnection can actually make you more productive and creative. So when you take a holiday, don't feel guilty about taking time for yourself.

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