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Contact center: combining comfort and cost control

The well-being of consultants and managers, organizational flexibility and energy savings are the three indicators at the heart of the redevelopment of Majorel contact centers.

The layout of the work spaces within Majorel is at the crossroads of issues related to CSR, ergonomics and organizational flexibility. For the past four years, the outsourcer has been working on upgrading its spaces. As far as CSR is concerned, priority is given to the local area: "We have given priority to local architects, in order to have companies working close to the centers and to offer a real identity to each building", explains Manuel Couto, projects/buildings buyer at Majorel France. The center in Isle d'Espagnac (near Angoulême, in the Charente), was redesigned in partnership with the interior architect Nathalie Manicot, while those in Douai (Nord), Grenay and Vendin-le-Vieil (Pas-de-Calais) were fitted out by the company Home BDG.

Although the group does not disclose the costs involved in refurbishing a pre-existing space, Manuel Couto points out that transforming a logistics building is expensive but offers a better return on investment than a building originally designed for a tertiary activity, which generally consumes a lot of glass. Still on the subject of CSR, the management and recovery of waste during the works are handled in the traditional way (with sorting of wood and steel, in particular), by the company Valdelia. However, thinking about sustainable furniture (which holds, for example, the NF-Office Excellence Certified certification from Afnor) "comes up against the fact that tastes and fashions change regularly," says Manuel Couto. Thus, "for workspaces to evolve and be pleasant, we need to change them when the furniture is amortized, which is between eight and ten years."

The most striking innovation concerns the acquisition of self-weighting ergonomic chairs: when a consultant sits down, it is no longer necessary to adjust the back of the chair according to his or her morphology; the consultant's weight is automatically taken into account. This is an asset in the context of a flex office organization. Prices vary from 175 to 200 euros per seat, from brands such as Viasit, Eurosit or Forma5. S

In terms of sound management, the equipment remains traditional: noise-limiting headphones, front and side sound-absorbing partitions, carpeting on the floor in the production areas, and a 40mm acoustic ceiling covering a thick layer of glass wool. At the crossroads of energy saving and the well-being of advisors and supervisors, Majorel has changed the lighting in 95% of its centers to LED panels. The quality of lighting is incomparable and the light is more diffused," says Manuel Couto, "It is possible to reduce the number of light points by 30%, and the absence of loss of efficiency over time allows for energy savings of 50%, on average.

Led (Philips or Ledvance/Osram) last from 50,000 to 80,000 hours, compared to 12,000 to 15,000 hours for neon. This type of lighting is charged between 70 and 80 euros per light point supplied installed. In addition, the company has installed technical films on the outside of the windows to reflect UV rays. For a fee of 50 to 60 euros per square meter installed via a gondola, these devices reduce glare by about 80%. "We are also thinking about self-generation of energy by installing photovoltaic panels and recovering rainwater, in order to reduce our ecological footprint," says Manuel Couto. An ambition, for the moment, at the study stage.

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