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Delphine Vitry, Co-founder of MAD

After 10 years at LVMH, Delphine Vitry co-founded MAD Network, a luxury consulting firm. The company director defines herself as a pathological optimist. A quality that has enabled her to overcome everything, including a health crisis.

If there is one sector in which customer relations take on their full meaning, it is the luxury industry. "If in the past customer experience meant nothing, today it is our business," stresses Delphine Vitry. It must be said that digital has transformed the profession with more global and transversal ambitions.

A clear path

The entrepreneur admits that it was her experience at LVMH that reinforced her desire to launch her business. Her meeting with her partner Jean Révis, who has 15 years of experience in consulting, only confirmed her wish.

Since 2009, MAD Network has been at the service of luxury houses. The firm is specialised in all sectors of Fashion & Accessories, Watches & Jewellery, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Wines & Spirits, Technology, Distribution, Hospitality "I think I belong" underlines the company director.

More demanding customers

Houses have a duty to know their customers inside out and to anticipate their own needs. Delphine and her teams have set themselves the task of offering 360-degree and targeted services. In a rapidly changing world, it is essential to think about retail strategy. Knowing your customers well means knowing their individual perceptions well. The objective is no longer just to sell.

An international vision

MAD Network has 30 operational strategists, 7 nationalities, and international expertise in the business, cultures, and clienteles of the luxury sector. Today, it is a pure player in luxury consulting, with the opportunity to work in all categories of the sector and to support clients in Europe, North America, and Asia, with a particular focus on China. The firm has offices in Paris and Shanghai.

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