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Devialet: an omnipresent data culture

From the organisation of customer service to the innovation roadmap and marketing orientations, at Devialet, customer data is at the heart of all decision-making processes. Sébastien Faure, Director of Customer Service and Support, lifts the veil on a constantly evolving mechanism.

"Rewriting history is part of Devialet's DNA. It's what we do with our products, it's what we develop for our customer relations, it's this state of mind that drives our R&D... But to do this, we start from the essential: the customer's expectations," says Sébastien Faure, Director of Customer Service and Support for Devialet. At the heart of this desire for understanding is, of course, customer data. In his professional career, Sébastien Faure has worked as a data analyst. "I was then able to appreciate a reality: data allows us to go beyond our feelings. It is a key to understanding, based on facts. And while intuition is essential, it must always be balanced by the facts. From this conviction flow uses, processes and a methodology.

Anticipate, adapt, organise

Using customer data is a reflex at Devialet. "When we structured the customer service and worked with our partners, we used the data to identify the profile of the advisors," confides Sébastien Faure. The method? Analyse the main causes of interactions with customer service to identify the type of advisor best able to respond. "Soft skills or technical profile? By objectively analysing customer requests, it is possible to better position the cursor," explains Sébastien Faure. Using customer data to compose teams is a recipe that works. But the use of data at Devialet does not stop there. "Before the end of the year holidays, for example, we once again analyse the causes of interaction with the customer to feed our online help centre. The idea is based on a simple principle: to make as much content as possible available online so that the customer can find the answers independently. "Facilitating access to this content improves the customer experience, but also relieves the teams during peaks in activities," explains Sébastien Faure.

Projects in progress...

"The data culture is truly cross-functional at Devialet. It allows us to contribute to innovation, it presides over the choice of functionalities that we plan to add to our products, it contributes to our commercial strategies," says the director. It is also planned to go even further in listening to customers and analysing feedback. "Data can sometimes be cold. We work a lot on customer feedback. One of the projects underway is the deployment of a solution that will enable us to use artificial intelligence to industrialise the analysis of customer feedback. "To date, we do this work manually, but we are studying solutions that will allow us to go further," concludes Sébastien Faure.

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