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  • Barbara Haddad

Einstein GPT: Salesforce's New Generative AI for CRM

Salesforce has announced the launch of Einstein GPT, its generative AI technology for CRM. What's it all about?

With Einstein GPT, Salesforce leverages generative AI to transform every customer experience. This allows teams, for example, to:

- Automatically generate personalized emails to send to their customers,

- Create specific responses to answer customer questions faster

- Automatically generate code from business queries in natural language (for developers).

How does it work?

Salesforce combines OpenAI's ChatGPT technology for enterprises with Salesforce's AI models to produce relevant and reliable content. This is combined with real-time data from the Salesforce Data Cloud to ingest, harmonize, and unify all of a company's customer data

The innovation?

Now, by combining proprietary Einstein AI models with leading large language models (LLMs), users can use natural language commands on their CRM data to create personalized content and time-saving automated processes

Five products are being launched:

- Einstein GPT for Service: to generate Q&A text and provide pre-written answers that customer service agents can use in their conversations.

- Einstein GPT for Sales: Automate sales cycle tasks such as writing emails, scheduling meetings, and planning future customer interactions.

- Einstein GPT for Marketing: Create personalized content and engage customers and prospects across multiple channels: email, mobile, web and advertising.

- Einstein GPT for Slack: Get AI-enhanced customer insights directly into Slack, such as sales opportunity summaries and detailed information about their customers.

- Einstein GPT for Developers: to improve developer productivity by providing a wizard to create code and ask questions about using the Apex programming language.

What are the prospects for the impact of generative AI?

According to a new Salesforce survey of 500 IT managers :

- a majority (57%) believe that generative AI will be a "game changer" for their business;

- 84% of respondents say it will help them better serve their customers,

- 80% believe it will help them better leverage their data.

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