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  • Dalila Bouaziz

Focus on five retailers who pamper their customers' experience

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for retailers. This year, retail outlets will have to redouble their efforts and innovative ideas to satisfy the sometimes contradictory expectations of their consumers. This month, discover an anthology of retailers that put experience at the heart of the concept with Mood Media, the global specialist in customer experience at the point of sale.

New Balance: let's chat a little, but let's chat a lot!

A new approach for the sports equipment brand: New Balance is opening a concept store in Boston dedicated to young consumers. With a much smaller and more targeted collection, the brand is offering an in-store shopping experience that is 100% adapted to its customers. But the shop's uniqueness doesn't stop there. The sales area has also been designed to offer time for exchange and sharing. By setting up a lounge in the middle of the shop, New Balance is encouraging a new audience to come and discover the brand and discuss sports. Athletes and fashion influencers can now get together for a live stream (and with a potential audience at home!). Now it's a choice between Instagram or TikTok to share the experience. And on that question, our (New) heart still sways...

Monsoon offers a new 'kids only' shop format

Colourful clothing brand, Monsoon, is opening its first children's shop on the streets of Stratford, just outside London. The store, rich in colour and playful details, takes visitors on a warm journey back to childhood. For example, the products are as accessible to adults as they are to children (with racks at their height!). This little growth spurt for Monsoon will not stop there, as many openings in the UK and Ireland are expected in 2023.

Jordan World of Flight: new exhibition space ?

Shop ? A museum? What name should we give to this brand new concept store that looks like a commemorative gallery in honour of Michael Jordan? The World of Flight in Milan is going to be the place to be for fans of "His Airness". In this new 363 square metre Jordan Brand shop dedicated to shopping and culture, there are as many products derived from the basketball star as tributes to him. A unique experience. Customisation, digital experiences, events for Nike members, private lounge... All of which will stimulate customers and fans of the brand and the athlete! This place of attraction is sure to be in the tourist guides. Because if you don't want to spend 1,000 euros on the latest pair of Air Jordans, you can take a little cultural diversions.

"Impossible is nothing": Adidas moves to the Bronx

Bavaria is a long way away! The small German company from 1949, which has become a global benchmark for sneakers, opened its first store in upstate New York. For the event, the brand had organised a musical and artistic programme so that visitors could feel the Bronx vibe. Local artist Jae Tips was even commissioned to create artworks especially for the shop. One of the shop's special features is the integration of a digital shoe wall that allows customers to access products, information, and other services online. Digital showcases highlighting the brand's various campaigns, partners, and products. Click and collect areas exploiting the brand's omnichannel strategy. Adidas is following closely behind its favourite competitor, Nike, which five months ago opened its shop a few streets away. A little sales battle in prospect? Dunk or Superstar, it's up to you to choose your iconic pair.

Leroy Merlin concocte un nouveau showroom « gourmand croquant »

Bonne nouvelle : les habitants de Valence n'auront plus à arpenter l'intégralité des rayons de Leroy Merlin pour mettre le doigt sur le « carrelage mural effet zellige blanc cassé brillant de 10 cm x 10 cm ». L'enseigne spécialisée dans l'amélioration de l'habitat propose désormais un showroom en ville uniquement consacré à l'aménagement des cuisines et salles de bains. Les 379 mètres carrés de surface de vente ont été judicieusement orchestrés pour que les clients se projettent au mieux dans leurs envies d'ameublement. Et pour que les néophytes puissent tout de même réaliser leur cuisine néo pop sur-mesure, des conseillers spécialisés se tiennent à disposition. Via ce nouveau concept, la marque souhaite valoriser l'expérience immersive en point de vente. Elle propose également des produits issus de la marketplace : une vraie stratégie omnicanale.

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