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  • Emmanuelle Serrano

Fujitsu unveils a new artificial intelligence (AI) module for marketing targeting

Japan-based Fujitsu is set to launch a new artificial intelligence (AI) module that uses in-store consumer behaviour analysis to develop an innovative, personalised approach to marketing targeting. A test phase has been launched in a Japanese supermarket chain.

Fujitsu is offering a new artificial intelligence (AI) module that should enable supermarkets to develop a personalised and innovative approach to targeting their customers. Faced with increasingly demanding consumers, retailers need to move away from standard conventional marketing towards more personalised and innovative approaches. Technological advances have made it possible to analyse customers' body language and shopping habits in-store using camera-based analysis technology. At the same time, the cost and resources required to rapidly create promotional content and customer services remain a major issue in launching and enhancing marketing campaigns.

AI coupled with proprietary technology

One of the aims of this solution is to offer alternatives to labour shortages by automating and adapting service to the individual needs of each customer using AI solutions. The "AI Customer Service Solution" draws on both generative AI and Fujitsu's "Actlyzer" technology, which specialises in analysing people's gestures and movements, to create a more customer-centric shopping experience and help retailers improve sales targeting through attractive, dynamic promotions. In other words, targeted promotional campaigns that react to customers' gestures, arouse their interest, and generate personalised avatars and product information, while processing the data in a format that preserves its digital integrity. After the field test phase, Fujitsu plans to launch this new solution in the 2023 financial year.

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