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Fuze Contact Center Enhances Agent Control

Fuze adds new features to its platform to meet the changing needs of telecommuting teams.

Fuze, a specialist in cloud-based unified communications solutions, is evolving its integrated contact center offering, Fuze Contact Center, by adding an agent productivity visualization and analytics tool. Fuze Contact Center, the contact center solution fully integrated with the Fuze platform, gains new capabilities to provide a holistic view of activity and an increased level of visibility and control over agent performance. Administrators can remotely view real-time action and queue data for all agents from Fuze Desktop or Web. This feature enables them to easily manage the status of each agent (e.g., "available", "outgoing call in progress", "closed") and the call routing strategy.

In parallel, Fuze has partnered with Envision, a provider of customer experience solutions, to improve employee engagement management and ensure quality and continuity of service delivery. Fuze Contact Center users now have access to Click2Coach, a voice and video analytics tool to improve team performance and optimize agent-customer interactions.

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