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  • Julien van der Feer

Javelot, the AgTech that optimises grain storage, sets out to conquer the European market

Javelot is a French start-up specialising in the optimised management of grain silos. Its solutions enable both cost and energy consumption to be reduced. After raising €10 million in Series A funding, the company plans to strengthen its presence in France, explore new international markets and develop new services.

"Our business is to deal with everything that happens after the harvest, particularly with grains," explains Félix Bonduelle, co-founder and CEO of Javelot. "We deal with the storage of agricultural material, for farmers and what we call storage organisations."

Co-founded in 2018 by Felix Bonduelle, Vindicien Delcourt and start-up studio Sparkling Partners, Javelot has developed a solution combining thermometric probes, fans and insect traps positioned in grain silos. "We follow the grain from the combine harvester to the primary processing industries and look at all the potential sources of value," explains Félix Bonduelle.

CSR impact and cost reduction

Thanks to an online platform, farmers and storage organisations can view storage data in real time, manage the operation of fans remotely and monitor temperature history.

If you don't have insect development, you avoid insecticides. - Félix Bonduelle

By optimising temperature and ventilation in the silos, Javelot not only improves grain conservation, but also reduces the use of insecticides and energy consumption. This approach has a positive impact on social and environmental responsibility (SER) and contributes to reducing energy costs for farmers and storage organisations.

A strong partnership with Sparkling Partners

The start-up studio Sparkling Partners has played a key role in the creation and development of Javelot. In exchange for technical, marketing, administrative and financial support, the studio holds shares in the start-up and is considered a full partner and co-founder.

Sparkling Partners supported us well before the launch of Javelot, and throughout its development," says Félix Bonduelle. We even continued to work with one of their units for the development of certain products.

The first prototypes developed by the start-up were perfected thanks to the technical input of the start-up studio. This collaboration enabled Javelot to benefit from tailor-made support to launch and develop its activities.

Fundraising to accelerate development

The €10 million Series A financing round in September 2022 will enable Javelot to strengthen its development in France and to conquer new international markets. "Today, we are present in Belgium and Romania, we have just recruited someone in Poland and we have someone arriving in a few weeks in Germany," says Félix Bonduelle.

The company takes into account the size and structure of each market when deciding in which countries it wishes to establish itself. The company also intends to develop new services to meet the expectations of its customers in other areas.

With around forty employees at the moment and around ten positions to be filled in the short term, Javelot plans to continue to grow. "By the end of 2023, we will have between 60 and 80 employees," concludes Félix Bonduelle, underlining the solidity of their business model and the strong growth of the market as key factors in the success of their fundraising.

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