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  • Emmanuelle Serrano

Kiabi unveils its vision of tomorrow's customer experience, where pleasure takes pride of place

Kiabi, the iconic international brand of affordable fashion for all the family, is launching a revolution in the world of retail with the inauguration of two pilot shops: one in Petite-Forêt in the North of France and the other in Madrid, Spain, in the Islazul shopping centre. At the heart of this initiative is an unprecedented approach centred on a new 'in-store pleasure' customer experience, built around a desirable, sustainable and accessible offering for all families, as well as services to make their lives easier.

The core of service as a central focus

The primary aim of this space is to enhance the customer experience by offering families a single place where they can find all the services they need. In addition to the traditional range of services, new services have been designed to meet customers' needs as effectively as possible:

- pushchairs for shopping in peace and quiet;

- a lending service for everyday items;

- advice on fashion and product care;

- a donation and recycling area;

- an area dedicated to in-store community activities.

A customer experience and services that save time

These pilot shops are based on key ambitions for the brand, which aims to provide families with a unique experience by transforming the shopping experience into a place for living and sharing.

The idea is to offer a customer experience and services that save time for spending time with family and friends: trying on clothes with the family in the specially adapted lounge, taking photos, taking part in activities/sharing ideas via the Young Parents community, etc.

The checkout, Click and Collect, e-booking and product returns services can also be carried out independently.

"Family" changing rooms for a pleasant shopping experience

In order to offer an ever more tailored fitting experience, the pilot offers families cabins of varying sizes and services: connected cabins with the possibility of calling on a kiaber for advice, to complete an outfit, to request an additional size, to consult the available stock, cabins that can be reserved, "Family" cabins to enjoy a moment of shopping pleasure together and also express cabins directly in the shop's different universes.

The shop embraces the second-hand boom

The brand has integrated second-hand collections into its offering and promotes a circular model by offering families collection, repair and care advice. The second-hand offer at low prices is integrated into the shelves to provide customers with a complementary offer, helping them to increase their purchasing power and to consume more responsibly.

Personalise your clothes or give them a second life

The kiabers run an eco alteration workshop, offering customers the chance to personalise products and/or give them a second life through repair and customisation.

A pilot designed with sustainability in mind

Almost half of the furniture and materials have been reused. Materials are chosen for their recyclability (e.g. 100% recyclable metal wall furniture, wardrobe rails that can be dismantled for easy recycling).

The identity elements can be modified and adjusted, and the shop is equipped with solar panels for energy. This project also serves as a pilot for the ongoing energy renovation of the Kiabi shop network.

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