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  • Lisa Henry

Marionnaud speeds up the personalisation of its CX with an omnichannel beauty advice platform

Marionnaud, the beauty and skincare retailer, is launching "Marionnaud Sur Mesure", its new omnichannel experience designed to take the brand to the next level in terms of personalisation and beauty expertise.

Personalisation has become an essential element in new consumer trends. Every consumer wants a personalised beauty experience, so they can find the perfect routine. French beauty retailer Marionnaud wants to provide this personalised expertise, both in-store and online, with its "Marionnaud Sur Mesure" platform. This offers content that makes the brand's best beauty advice available anywhere, anytime.

Accessible from the website and on the mobile application, it brings together advice videos, beauty articles and online skin diagnostics. The advice is provided by in-store sales teams, who share their "beauty secrets". On the platform, customers can find video advice on how to wear the right fragrance, how to understand their skin and how to find the right skincare and make-up routine.

As well as advice on general beauty routines, customers can find out about products before buying them, either online or in shop, and also receive video beauty tips tailored to their latest purchases.

Tailor-made email communications

To deliver a premium, personalised experience, Marionnaud is integrating artificial intelligence into its offering. As a result, the brand's customers will be able to receive personalised beauty advice by email following their online or in-store purchases. The advice is selected from the content platform. In this customised email, customers will find personalised elements tailored to the product they have just purchased: a reminder of the product purchased, a tutorial video to help them use their product more effectively, and a customised selection of complementary products. The email is sent a few minutes after the in-store purchase or on receipt of the order if the purchase was made online.

This customised email is followed by a second, designed to prevent the customer running out of their product. The customer receives a reminder of the product purchased, which may soon be empty, as well as a recommendation of similar and alternative products, enabling them to readjust their routine (change of season, need, etc.). The brand also offers a special deal if they bring their empty product to the shop to be recycled.

With this platform and these tailor-made emails, the brand no longer wants to limit its role to responding to a specific need, but to understand beauty in its entirety and anticipate its customers' needs.


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