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  • Maëlle Chetal Gaillard

Mediakeys Launches Arago, a platform for customising the CX

With a suite of decision support software tools allowing the automatic delivery of thousands of personalised and targeted campaigns: adserver, geomarketing, creative suite, planning, dynamic reporting, data and audience management, invoicing, etc. Arago enables centralised and/or decentralised management of digital advertising.

The new platform driven by Mediakeys allows the advertiser to send 1,500 personalised campaigns simultaneously. "The choice to develop a unique SaaS technology and a proprietary DSP allows us to respond to specific needs: the need for retail networks to have a tool to animate the communication of their points of sale, the demand of agencies looking for an independent DSP that is agnostic on media buying, the need for all brands to precisely target the catchment areas of retail outlets", explains Paul Cahierre, Chairman and CEO of Arago and founder of Mediakeys.

A French solution developed worldwide

The Arago solution covers both programmatic levers (display, native, video, audio, TV, poster), interconnection with the major players in the ecosystem (SPP, walled garden, data, measurement, adverif), but also social networks, as well as direct marketing and search (Meta, Adwords, Waze, SMS, mailing). To offer these services? Arago now has a team of 30 tech experts based in Paris and Montpellier, and professionals from international media trading agencies. In 2015, a first version of the platform, called Dr Banner, followed by an adbuiler and an ultra-precise geotarger, enabled the model to be tested with more than 50 major brands and agencies worldwide. The new Arago platform now responds to various issues: the rapid digitalisation of advertising, the growing desire of consumers to "consume local" and their need for proximity and personalisation of their customer experience.

For the record, Mediakeys, Arago's parent company, is a communications group created in 1993, specialising in the strategy and activation of international and multilocal campaigns. Today, it offers advertisers and agencies omnichannel solutions in 50 countries through its 16 offices.

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