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Monoprix steps up its service approach

The distributor is testing new service-oriented approaches, initiated last November in the Parisian store Beaugrenelle in the 15th district. Objective? To serve its urban clientele around a central theme: the customer must feel comfortable, like at home.

The brand makes customer service one with hospitality. After a test phase carried out at the Beaugrenelle store - Paris 15th district, Monoprix is rolling out its new "Yes" approach throughout France this summer. Beginning by saying "Yes", Monoprix teams are redesigning in-store relations and making life easier for customers and the public. The "Yes" initiative, a unique customer experience on a daily basis.

"It's first and foremost a positive state of mind, made up of kindness, listening, availability and attention," says the retailer. Implemented this summer in all Monoprix stores, this innovative approach aims to become a new standard in customer service and experience. More than ever, commerce is about human relations," explains Maguelone Paré, Director of Concept & Innovation. To say yes is to create the conditions for listening, exchange and trust. It's a stance but also involves very concrete actions, which show the attention we pay to our customers".

The "Yes" state of mind, concrete initiatives

Customers can change their mind: Monoprix makes refund procedures easy. The distributor reimburses food products from other retailers. Customers can go to the store to ask for a refund for a food product (whose price is less than €30) from a competing brand, in good condition for resale, and in possession of their receipt dating back less than a month, to be reimbursed the cost of the product, which is either put back on the shelves or given to an association.

Monoprix makes it easier for its loyal customers to be reimbursed. Cardholder customers benefit from a longer period for exchanges and refunds: 45 days instead of 30 days. The convenience store keeps your personal belongings while you do your shopping. In many stores, lockers - locked - are available.

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