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  • Colin de Korsak

Omie & Cie Raises €15m Series A to expand its product range

The food manufacturing company has raised €15 million in Series A funding.

Omie & Cie announces a €15 million Series A funding round. Launched in February 2021 by Christian Jorge, Coline Burland, Benoit Del Basso and Joséphine Bournonville, Omie & Cie is a regenerative, "climate-friendly" food brand.

The start-up designs and markets minimally processed grocery products from an agriculture that restores its ecosystems by respecting the soil and nature's functioning cycles, and by paying farmers and producers, who are fully involved in the design and creation of the products.

These products are available on the Omie & Cie app and on its website, delivered directly to your home anywhere in France, reducing packaging as much as possible, all in a transparent way.

Accelerating development

This sum will allow Omie to accelerate its sourcing operations with agricultural partners to develop new food chains, further increase its product range and develop its marketing investments to make the brand known to as many people as possible.

With a team of 41 employees today, Omie & Cie plans to recruit around 30 people by the end of 2024.

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