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Quandela, the start-up aiming to become the quantum NVIDIA

Create a computer that is 1 billion times more powerful than existing computers. This is the concept of Quandela, a start-up that intends to launch a quantum computer in the summer of 2022. To achieve this, it has just raised €15 million.

"Quandela is one of the first start-ups in Europe to try to develop a quantum computer. It is a new generation of computer, which employs all the precepts of quantum mechanics, to make a computer that is 1 billion times more powerful than the existing ones," says Valérian Giesz, CEO of Quandela.

Specifically, the start-up, which counts 35 employees, uses particles of light - photons - to manufacture this new generation of computer. The technology was developed in the laboratories of the CNRS and the University of Paris-Saclay over a period of twenty years. "Today, we are a unique player in the world thanks to our technology. We have the most efficient quantum bit emitters in the world," he continues.

Quandela has now reached a level of maturity where it is necessary to add algorithm and control in order to start computing. In practical terms, the start-up hopes to put a first prototype quantum computer online this summer, with 6 Qbits. "We will be able to use new methods to solve problems that we do not yet know how to solve. For example, we are working with an Airbus subsidiary to develop new, lighter and stronger materials for aviation," Valérian Giesz explains.

To speed up its project, Quandela has raised 15 million euros. This amount will enable it to employ 35 people, including business teams, and to put its first quantum computer online.

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