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#SaveYourChatbot, or how to deal with the progressive fading out of chatbots via Messenger

In light of the deletion of many of the features traditionally offered by the sales and customer support chatbots on Facebook Messenger, the #SaveYourChatbot operation allows you to resume control over your chatbot.

Facebook reported on December 1st the cancellation of almost all European chatbots features on its Messenger platform as of December 16th to comply with the European Union's privacy rules. This channel will therefore become partially malfunctioning and will only allow communication via text and images. Functions such as persistent menus, buttons, carousels and video integration will no longer be available.

All organizations owning Messenger chatbots involved in such action, whether dedicated to e-commerce or customer relationship management, will be required to urgently update and modify the design of their chat applications.

In response to this situation, Clevy, creator of the open-source CSML language, is launching a support program dubbed. This operation will enable owners of chatbots created on any platform, especially American platforms such as Chatfuel or Manychat, which are strongly impacted by this problem, to migrate their conversational agent to MSCML? free of charge, in order to regain full ownership of the source code? and roll it out on other channels and on their own website.

The #SaveYourChatbot initiative meets two objectives: to save your chatbot and its functionalities, but also to bypass the vendor lock-in phenomenon by switching to an open-source solution.

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