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Simundia raises €10 million for its European expansion

French digital and professional coaching start-up Simundia is raising €10 million. This investment decision on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 launches the company's international development, as well as the growth of its method by investing in innovation and Tech.

Since its creation in 2017, Simundia has assisted 10,000 employees across 33 countries. With its expertise in digital coaching, the French company announced on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, a €10 million fundraising. Raised with Axa Venture Partners, Educapital and Fjlabs, it marks a new French and international drive for the start-up.

Client companies provide coaching to their employees. To match the right profile, Simundia relies on artificial intelligence tools. Then, the coaching is performed 100% remotely by videoconference, in addition to e-learning content. Initially intended for managers, the company is extending its solution to all employees.

The founders, Colombe Mandula and Grégoire Schiller, believe that they have increased their company's sales by a factor of 10 in the first two years. The funds raised will allow them to double the current staff of 40 employees by recruiting 40 new profiles in the next two years. With this momentum, Simundia plans to expand its presence in France and to export internationally, particularly in Europe.

The edtech company has also stated its desire to invest in technology to integrate new features into its platform. With its network of 200 trainers around the world, it plans to develop a coaching academy to ensure continuous training of its experts. Simundia also plans to create a scientific committee of researchers in psychology and neuroscience to enhance its skills.

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