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[Store tour] The EmSphere in Bangkok, the "Future of Retail"

Thailand has always held a special place in the hearts of the world's tourists, celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and the natural beauty that stretches across the country, from the north of Bangkok to the rice paddies and beaches in the south. Tourism figures are slightly down, but innovative shopping mall concepts continue to emerge, such as the latest one to open at the beginning of December: EmSphere. With a festive inauguration featuring fireworks, influencers, a K-Pop group and Thai stars, EmSphere organised five "World celebration parties" on the theme of "Calling the world" to showcase its international positioning.

EM Sphere, "the Pulse of People", supercharged energy

EmSphere is positioning itself as a "Sleepless Metropolis", open 24 hours a day, with entertainment (cinema and concert halls), a food court, a hanging garden, art galleries, etc.

The aim is to create a distinctive urban district in Bangkok that resonates with global lifestyle choices on a par with iconic districts such as Dubailand in Dubai, Omotesando in Tokyo, Japan, Xin Tian Di in Shanghai and Soho in London, to name but a few. Bangkok should boast an upmarket shopping and entertainment district, but EmSphere is playing the card of a new-generation mall in a metropolis that never sleeps.

At the heart of the EM district: EmSphere is a central element of the 650,000 m² EM district, strategically located in the heart of Sukhumvit, surrounded by high-end residences, hotels and offices. The EM district comprises three world-class shopping complexes: Emporium, a haven for luxury brands such as Cartier, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Van Cleef; and Quartier, positioned as a cutting-edge luxury destination. EmSphere represents the future of retail enriched with innovative restaurant concepts and fashion. The perfect combination of the EM district's three diverse attractions is undoubtedly a differentiating shopping experience.

Impressive spaciousness with plenty of openness, conceived without partitions between shops and a refined design. Raw materials, whereas most malls have marble and sophisticated finishes.

Supaluck Umpujh, Chairman of The Mall Groupe Executive Committee.

"First art Mall" with an M Contempory gallery, an art gallery in Seoul (Korea)

The fifth and sixth floors of EmSphere are dedicated exclusively to entertainment, with a diverse range of pubs and bars, including beach clubs and super clubs, totalling around 25 establishments.

The project includes UOB Live, a cinema and concert venue, a world-class arena covering 12,000 m² and seating 6,000 people, operated by AEG, a US entertainment company.

A floor dedicated to supercars

For fans of supercars, on the second floor of the shopping centre there is a hub for luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari and more.

Below, a Lamborghini on display.

Food court: unique culinary experiences and 24-hour meals

The food court offers unique dining experiences and 24-hour meals for late-night arrivals. The diverse restaurant offering includes renowned establishments such as Gordon Ramsey's Bread Street Kitchen & Bar and Nayuki boba milk tea from China.

Thais are already used to being able to eat out at any time of the day or evening. In the case of EmSphere, it's non-stop all night long. Starbucks is presenting its new concept here.

Ikea in the Sukhumvit district

Bangkok's fourth shop and South East Asia's first 12,000 square metre city-centre IKEA shop is one of the highlights for Ikea fans. Even in Thailand, Ikea is synonymous with great furniture deals at affordable prices.

The Swedish embassy travelled to Thailand to inaugurate the new space.

Below, the campaign for the new Ikea shop in Bangkok.

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