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  • Florence Bréban

The challenge of measuring eRetail Media: a performance catalyst for brands

The eRetail Media playground is complex and poses increasingly sophisticated challenges. In-depth understanding of this ecosystem must become a priority for brands in the coming months.

In-depth understanding of the eRetail Media ecosystem requires a dedicated team and expert partners. Close collaboration with these experts is the key to the success of their campaigns, not only to overcome the current challenges of eRetail Media, but also to anticipate those to come.

At the heart of this collaboration is the responsibility of measurement and its neutrality, which quickly comes to validate the methodologies already in place. It's worth recalling that 15 years ago, digital advertising was faced with a major challenge: the absence of reliable performance measurement. This gap led to the creation of a new market positioning: neutral third-party measurement platforms. Today, this history highlights the importance of neutrality in measurement, underscoring the central role of emerging eRetail Media Analytics platforms as privileged players to assume responsibility for eRetail Media measurement.

In this quest, and in order to grasp eRetail Media in a more exhaustive dimension, it is urgent to establish a repository of measurement in harmony with the diversity of objectives (product launch, brand awareness...). eRetail Media is therefore a lever that goes beyond transactional performance: the associated measurement must encompass the complexity of the "Digital Shopper Journey".

Sales attribution

We can't talk about eRetail Media measurement without mentioning sales attribution. According to eMarketer, standardizing measurement is the number-one challenge facing advertisers. Given the plurality of KPIs, the diversity of calculation methods - windows and sales attribution rules - in-depth expertise is imperative. While there are several sales attribution models on the market (last click, A/B test...), it seems appropriate to reflect on a new model consistency, to guarantee an objective, cross-functional reading of performance.

What are the qualities needed for effective performance measurement?

There are several options available on the market when it comes to measurement. Today, adtechs, advertising network operators and distributors provide measurement elements. However, as the eRetail Media market matures, it needs - as did the programmatic and TV worlds in the past - a "trusted third party". This is essential if advertisers are to obtain a unified view of performance (formats, adtechs, retailers/regies).

The benefits are many: a better understanding of performance, a tenfold capacity for optimization, and the building of greater trust.

We encourage brands to take the measurement of their campaign performance into their own hands. The central position of eRetail Media analytics platforms will give them a unified view of the performance and profitability of their investments. These platforms will be their essential partners, building lasting trust. In this way, a measured revolution in eRetail Media is taking shape, where every step forward, guided by expertise, neutrality and strategic vision, will propel brands to lasting success.

About the author

Florence Bréban joined the Datagram adventure a year after its creation, in 2019. After graduating from Neoma Business School in 2010, she successively held sales positions at Nestlé, Danone and British American Tobacco, before spending six years at Information Resources Inc ("IRI"), which later became "Circana", a group specializing in consulting for companies faced with the complexities of consumerism.

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