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  • Barbara Haddad

The Kooples: an exceptional omnichannel customer experience in the new flagship store on the Champs-

The Kooples offers a unique and premium customer experience in its flagship store on the Champs-Elysées thanks to the Octipas by ChapsVision solution, which specialises in data processing and unified commerce.

At the end of October 2022, The Kooples will open a new concept store on the Champs-Elysées, with a double challenge: to develop the turnover and to stay close to its customers. This new shop is intended to be the witness of the brand's renewal, on 300 m2 with a well marked design - neon lights on the ceiling and black as a thread, sharp materials - and a strong bias: only one piece of each reference is presented in order not to overload the space within the flasghip.

The customer experience is also innovative, thanks to specific support from ChapsVision and its unified commerce platform Octipas. It should be noted that the two companies have already been working together for several years as part of the overall project to digitalise all of the retailer's points of sale, but this project was the subject of a specific consultation.

The extension of this collaboration has enabled

  • Access to 100% of the catalogue via the application. As not all products can be tried on and/or displayed in the shop, it allows sales staff to have a global view of stocks and to order items that are not available in shop.

  • Mobile payment: the application enables the entire payment process for orders or products purchased to be managed with mobile payment directly via the sales terminal. The sale can thus be finalised anywhere in the shop.

  • Smoother vendor-stockman communication: When a customer wants to try on a model that is not available on the sales floor, the vendor no longer wastes time going back and forth to the stockroom, but sends a notification directly via the application to the stockman, who will take care of returning the product, leaving the customer alone to wait.

In addition to the two functionalities already deployed in other points of sale:

  • Premium clienteling, allowing each salesperson to create, enrich or consult a customer file (web and shop purchase history, wishlist, etc.) directly from the mobile application.

  • Mixed basket: the seller can create a single ticket, with products to order and products to take away. The customer makes only one payment.

"Octipas by ChapsVision has allowed us to improve the customer experience in shop by providing our sales staff with an application to get a global view of our stocks (e-commerce and shops) while minimising the disappointing effect of stock shortages. The double objective has been achieved: to stay as close as possible to our customers and not to lose any more sales", confirms in a press release Djamel ELBAHI, Omnichannel & Stock Project of The Kooples, joined by Nicolas Passalacqua, Chief Product Officer Octipas - ChapsVision group: "This new "Runner" functionality has even been integrated natively in our platform".

Results: Only four months after the opening of this new shop concept, the performance indicators are positive:

  • A salesperson adherence rate to the mobile application of over 90%.

  • A premium customer experience delivered.

  • Growth in turnover.

In addition, the brand, which has 400 points of sale, 150 of which are in France, plans to roll out the sales application to its entire distribution network abroad.

About Octipas:

Octipas, is a unified commerce platform composed of omnichannel solutions for the digitalisation of points of sale and the commercial animation of e-commerce sites: Store Management, Order Management System (OMS), Clienteling Premium, Digital in-Store, Web-to-Store, e-Merchandising and Searchandising. They enable the construction of an omnichannel sales strategy by offering a fluid and ultra-personalised shopping experience, thus meeting customer expectations and business requirements.

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