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The Shoppertainment giant, Aliexpress, sets up shop in Europe

Aliexpress organised a market sharing workshop bringing together European influencers.

Five influencers from four different markets took part in the workshop organized by Aliexpress on June 29th, including China, Poland, Spain and Ukraine, to present their feedback after being among the first to adopt livestreaming in their respective countries.

"Livestreaming is an exciting and growing trend that completely blots away the boundaries between entertainment and shopping to create a new phenomenon: 'shoppertainment'. Consumers are being seduced by digital content and online interactions while sellers record an increase in sales while maintaining the connection with their customers. AliExpress has dived into this trend early on and will continue to promote this business model in its key markets to help content creators, our sellers and consumers alike take advantage of this trend," said Wang Mingqiang, Managing Director of AliExpress.

During the workshop, AliExpress ambassadors revealed how they became livestreamers and how this activity changed their lives.

- Queenie, originally from China, worked in a wig shop in the United States, but was stranded in China after returning home for Chinese New Year. She quickly became famous when she was commissioned to sell wigs to foreign consumers through livestreaming.

- Paulina Szlak, a civil engineering student and popular fashion influencer in Poland, and Gonzalo Mendaza, a marketing graduate and high-tech influencer in Spain, explained how they managed to balance livestreaming, education and employment. Their experiences represent a new generation that no longer has just one job but can afford multiple activities.

- Dima Romashko, a former lawyer, has had his life completely transformed by livestreaming. His online experience led him to become a TV host of a very popular Ukrainian-Polish music channel, Music Box UA. Mancy, a livestreamer on Alibaba's Taobao Live, was also present at the workshop. His testimony illustrates how livestreaming is done in China. Mancy dedicates his streams to help farmers sell their fresh produce.

Since AliExpress launched its new "live" feature in the application in July 2019, it has streamed more than 10,000 livestreams in eight different languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish and Ukrainian, attracting nearly 30 million viewers from around the world and generating more than 60 million interactions. In France, AliExpress is just getting off the ground, with the first livestreaming broadcast in May this year, but since then 28 lives have already been shared.

This announcement follows the launch of Aliexpress connect, a platform for brand promotion by influencers, through video social networks (Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube....)

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