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[Trends ] In 2023, the customer will be...

Thierry Spencer, the author of the blog Sens du client, presents the six customer trends for 2023 at CX Paris All Verticals. This annual foresight exercise combines a synthesis of recent studies, best practices and analysis to make the customer experience a success.

What are the major customer trends for 2023? For more than 10 years, Thierry Spencer has been answering this question based on his readings, study summaries and his own experiences. The author of the blog Sens du client presents a synthesis of the trends that will have an impact on the level of expectation and behaviour of customers.

The customer will be tired

The latest survey by the Jean Jaurès Foundation reveals that respondents seem inclined to a certain fatigue and weariness in the face of the recession, the pandemic, the mental load and the digital and informational demands. This trend is characterised by the avoidance strategies of six out of ten French people, who filter and refuse canvassing calls. Moreover, 80% of the French protect their personal data by refusing cookies, deleting the browser cache or providing incorrect data.

The customer will be reasoned

More inclined to adapt their consumption towards responsible reflexes, "customers will listen to their reason", predicts Thierry Spencer. The expert notes a craze for products from the circular economy, already favoured by a quarter of French people who usually buy a second-hand product every month. Following the example of Decathlon, which offers to buy back its customers' products, the trend in 2023 will be towards responsible consumption. The barometer of Responsible Consumption 2022 underlines that 81% of consumers express their desire to buy quality products, capable of lasting over time. 76% of respondents say they only buy products they really need and 63% think about the necessity and impact of the product before buying.

The customer will be competent

In 2023 the customer will use all distribution channels. This raises the question of the competence of customer service staff. Seven out of ten customers think that companies should improve the training of their customer service agents, according to the survey conducted on the blog. Customers, according to Thierry Spencer, "expect a certain amount of listening and empathy from professionals."

The customer will be immoderate

Customer relations in 2023 will still be a source of hassle and anger. The telecoms sector, technical products and airlines are the main sources of customer dissatisfaction, according to the Brandwatch survey dated 1 September 2022. The study of October 2022 also reveals that 87% of French people experience their contact with a company's customer service as a confrontation. This is a much higher proportion than in the United Kingdom or Germany, where only 30% of the population feels this way.

The customer will be familiar

Thierry Spencer points to the need to get closer to customers, to recreate a bond of trust and proximity. He, therefore, recommends more human contact by developing customer culture programmes, for example. "Celebrating the customer's birthday or the anniversary of their contract in order to nurture their loyalty" are the keywords for improving customer relations, according to the expert on customer trends.

The customer will be a hero

The customer is currently experiencing eco-anxiety and realises that he can do something for the environment. They want to promote their good deeds in order to gain "pride in taking the train and an incentive to reinforce their responsible practices", explains Thierry Spencer. Nudge marketing, therefore, seems to be very welcome in the months to come.

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