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5 innovations that are shaking up the codes of physical retailing

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for retailers. This year, retail outlets will have to redouble their efforts and come up with innovative ideas to satisfy the sometimes contradictory expectations of their consumers. This month, discover a selection of retailers around the world who are taking a creative approach to digital, and putting it at the heart of their experience with Mood Media, the global specialist in customer experience at the point of sale.

Pull & Bear creates the event by immersing passers-by in a dreamlike, musical metaverse in Madrid

Pull & Bear gave a masterly interpretation of the metaverse applied to the point of sale with the inauguration of its flagship store in Madrid in collaboration with the artist Sen Sera.

An augmented reality universe was designed and deployed in front of the shop, taking passers-by by by surprise. To enjoy the performance, spectators had to download the brand's app, after which they could watch the augmented reality show in which the flagship was transformed into a space with 3D elements that filled the street and surrounded passers-by in total synchronisation with the music and performance of the singer's avatar. Three-dimensional lyrics with futuristic materials followed the rhythms of the song. A shower of psychedelic spheres even fell from the sky as the singer's avatar surfed through the air above the façade of the new Pull & Bear shop.

It was a unique and creative event that allowed the brand to engage its community and demonstrate its mastery of the omnichannel experience offered by its new concept.

Wendy's to pilot underground robots for faster order management

The quick-service restaurant chain will pilot an autonomous underground robot system. This will deliver food orders taken online from the restaurant kitchen to designated parking spaces in seconds.

The technology uses autonomous robots to transport orders underground that will deliver orders directly to dedicated parking spaces. Wendy's said it would be the first quick-service restaurant to pilot this cutting-edge technology.

Men's Wearhouse adds SNAP AR lenses for virtual fittings

Men's Wearhouse is continuing its digital development to help shoppers find their perfect outfits faster. Last week, the menswear brand launched Wedding Wingman, a platform that helps grooms and their groomsmen choose their wedding attire via connected mirrors in partnership with Snapchat. The mirror uses augmented reality to allow shoppers to virtually try on clothes and accessories before buying and share images of new looks with friends.

This technology is available in several shops. The brand will be supporting this initiative with a social networking campaign.

In a similar move last year, H&M also introduced intelligent mirrors in its fitting rooms.

Nike to launch 'digital-focused' shop in Manchester

The shop will be home to Nike's two-storey 'Digital Rise' concept, similar to Nike Live or Nike Style in Seoul, which features a content studio and QR codes that unlock augmented reality experiences.

What sets it apart is its uniqueness. Nike is banking on digital technology to turn its new flagship into a personalised, interactive customer experience.

The brand offers a digital storytelling platform (NFT) that creates unique content, as well as interactive screens that provide live local sports news. It's a creative, digital and fun world that will appeal to all sports fans.

Coors Field checks customers' ages with Amazon One

Technology knows no bounds! Amazon One offers to verify the age of customers using palm identification. This new Amazon One feature allows customers over the age of 21 to purchase alcoholic beverages.

To sign up for Amazon One, customers insert their credit card into the device. They then hold their palm over the device and follow the instructions to associate that card with their palm signature. Once customers have enrolled, they can enter Amazon One-enabled Amazon Go shops by holding their palm over the Amazon One device at the entrance for approximately one second. A biometric identification technology that could well be emulated beyond age-related use to become a new means of payment.

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