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Alltricks accelerates its international expansion and circular economy

Launched in 2008, the multi-brand sports website has recorded a 30% increase in turnover by 2021. Supported by a high quality of service and an elitist catalogue, the site is also expanding internationally. Gary Anssens, its founder, provides an update.

How are you positioned in the market?

With 170,000 items and more than 850 brands, Alltricks is an online store focused on cycling, running and outdoor activities. In addition to this, there is an offer from third-party sellers. The average shopping basket is 120 euros and 75% of our turnover -171 million euros in 2021 in total- is based on the sale of bicycles, the history segment of our business. The company shipped more than 2.9 million items in 2021 and attracts 54 million visitors a year to its website. But what makes us special is the service offering we provide. Alttricks is a showcase for hand-picked brands. We have forged very strong links with some of them, co-creating common content, offering experiences to customers and sharing user feedback. We also provide stride and posture studies and a workshop in each store. Our customer service is available 6 days a week, accompanied by a "community" chat.

Finally, we offer express delivery the next morning at 9 am for all orders placed before 6 pm in France, but also in Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium. This is offered for orders of 100 euros or more. We are even testing in 37 departments, an extended order time until 7.30 pm. A premium programme even allows us to extend the return period to 100 days.

How did you achieve these goals?

During the lockdowns, we managed to maintain stocks and deliveries. In 2021, the site has positioned itself on the second-hand market by acquiring "Troc Vélo", the leader in CtoC sales. We have also dedicated an in-house "Second Life" team (6 people) to enable our customers to sell their bikes or recondition them. This activity, linked to the circular economy, is a strong strategy for diversifying the site. I am convinced that in 4 years, the weight of CtoC and reconditioned products will be at least equal to that of the new products trade. Another strong point is our successful phygital strategy. With six of its shops, Alltricks has developed its retail strategy in 2021 at a steady pace, marked by the opening of four stores in Aix-En-Provence, Annemasse, Toulouse and Ile-de-France. The historic shop in Coignières has grown from 480 to 1,200 m². Bordeaux and Lille will also welcome the brand in 2022. The ongoing construction of a second warehouse in Châteaudun, of 25,000 sqm, will support Alltricks' strong growth.

What are your ambitions for 2025?

We deliver to 70 countries. We are aiming for 40% of our turnover to be generated internationally (Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium). In all these countries, Alltricks has a web extension, translated sites and a local pool that will enable us to aim for the Top 3. We are launching in three months. Within 3 years, we hope to achieve more than 300 million euros in turnover on new products, not counting the results of the second-hand activity, which is still in its infancy. We have recruited 100 people in 2021 and welcomed our new customer service manager. This is a coherent objective.

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