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Antonelle-Un Jour Ailleurs acquires the Kookaï chain

The women's ready-to-wear chain Kookaï has been taken over by Antonelle-Un Jour Ailleurs. In all, 16 shops have been acquired and 70 jobs have been safeguarded.

On Thursday 30 November 2023, the Paris Commercial Court handed down its decision concerning women's fashion retailer Kookaï. Kookaï will come under the French flag, with Antonelle-Un jour ailleurs buying 16 shops and 17 corners. In addition, 70 jobs will be safeguarded.

Founded in 1983, Kookaï was placed in receivership in February 2023. In September, the court ruled that the company's cash position was insufficient to finance the proposed continuation plan, paving the way for its takeover.

Many other ready-to-wear brands, such as Gap, Camaïeu, Pimkie and San Marina, have had to face a whole series of difficulties, linked to the pandemic, inflation, rising production costs and competition from second-hand clothes.

The best offer among the seven candidates

Antonelle-Un Jour Ailleurs submitted the most favourable offer of the seven proposed (Groupe Beaumanoir, GD Distribution, etc.), amounting to 300,000 euros. The company undertook to take over 16 of the 30 shops in France and 70 of the 220 employees.

However, around a hundred jobs will not be saved, and some fifteen shops will have to close. The head office in Paris will pay a heavy price with the loss of 40 jobs.

Antonelle-Un jour ailleurs: a build-up over the years

The buyer of Kookaï is a specialist in women's clothing. In 2020, Antonelle acquired Un Jour Ailleurs, a chain targeting seniors, when the latter was in receivership. Around thirty of its shops were retained. Offering a more classic style of fashion, Antonelle has 83 shops, according to its website.

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