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  • Mallory Lalanne

FairMoove Engages its Customers to Create Virtuous and Responsible Tourism

FairMoove Engages its Customers to Create Virtuous and Responsible Tourism

To gather new customers around these values and involve consumers in the development of virtuous tourism, FairMoove, the responsible travel agency created by Jean-Pierre Nadir, is launching the Community of Committed FairMoovers.

A little over a year after launching FairMoove, a responsible travel booking platform, Jean-Pierre Nadir has decided to create a community of committed customers. "Our objective is to reconcile the issues of the planet, local populations and tourists, to gather a positive and motivated community around these values, and to make tourism a driver of the ecological transition. It is necessary to take this step. Awareness of sustainable tourism is recent and not yet fully established," explains the founder of the web portal who launched FairMoove in August 2021 alongside Corinne Louison and Arthur Courtinat.

The Community of Committed FairMoovers is a sort of space for co-construction, innovation, and action to find the most relevant solutions to encourage responsible, reinvented tourism. "We need to have relays and ambassadors who share the same ideas, help us propel them and highlight good practices to create a real dynamic, a positive emulation and encourage everyone to commit to this path," adds the entrepreneur, who aims to reach 500 members by the end of the year. The platform wants to encourage consumers to favour airlines that have new aircraft, direct flights, or those that practice eco-piloting and give real-time recommendations to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions during the flight.

Animating the customer community

By joining the community, ambassadors gain access to exclusive rights such as discounts, absorption of the carbon footprint of their flights, guaranteed the lowest price, and participation in strategic projects, for an annual subscription to the programme of €49. "Paying gives members an incentive to participate more actively. It's not a light commitment, it's very serious. I favour commitment over loyalty, and I reverse the loyalty program. I unite customers around ideas and values beforehand rather than giving discounts at the end of the trip," explains the founder of the Fairmoove platform, which lists 3,000 hotels rated according to 140 criteria.

The FairMoove team also submits projects to customers and asks them to evaluate them to measure their relevance and design the best version, incorporating feedback from the community. Committed FairMoovers are asked to submit new accommodation to the platform or to submit ideas for improvements. "Customers can suggest eco-responsible hotels and criticise our choices. For example, this summer we removed an establishment that did not respect its commitments in Greece, following feedback from a member of the ambassador community", says Jean-Pierre Nadir. Customers are thus fully involved in the process.

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