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  • Dalila Bouaziz

Focus on 7 Experiential Shops Around the World

New trends are being established on a more permanent basis in the retail sector via new concepts or brands that are reinventing themselves. Here's a look at the new in-store experiences that are shaping the retail world.

Lidl to test smart refills on shelves to help customers save money

Automated bulk: Lidl's latest innovation. The new technology is currently being tested in two of the company's UK shops, in Staffordshire and Swadlincote Derbyshire. Since 13 October, Lidl has been offering its customers access to automated bulk via a smart refill for Lidl GB brand "Formil" laundry detergents. Customers are provided with soft plastic pouches, which can be filled directly on the shelf using a touch screen, on which the choice and quantity of the product can be selected. With just a few clicks, the customer leaves with a pouch filled with washing powder.

Each pouch is equipped with a cap to facilitate filling and avoid overflowing, but also with a chip to be scanned, to know if the pouch is new or reused. Customers who participate in the reuse scheme receive a 20-cent discount. Lidl thus offers the experience of bulk, ecological, economical, and technological shopping. The initiative will be deployed in other Lidl shops.

The new Maserati showroom: a unique and customized experience

The Milanese capital is pleased to welcome the new Maserati concept store. The pioneering new architectural concept was co-created with the experience design firm Eight Inc and marks a break from the traditional aesthetics of the bright showroom. In the form of an art gallery, the brand's cars are stored like sculptures, immersed in darkness. Inside, guests are welcomed into a contemporary living space. This includes a large kitchen island that serves as a welcome and configuration counter, complemented by a bar offering Italian-style espressos, wines or cold-pressed juices. Softly lit wall displays feature sliding glass panels, revealing jewel-like hubcaps and steering wheels, as well as a selection of the softest handcrafted leather samples.

The brand's customers have an immersive launch pad, a customization area where customers can design the model of their choice, the online booking portal My Maserati Showroom, which allows customers to book a car from their sofa and pay in-store, and the "Remote test drive", which allows customers to book and test drive a car seven days a week.

Vispring opens its first autumn shop in London

Located on Regent Street St James's in the heart of London, Vispring's new London flagship opens its doors to lovers of sleep and ultra-comfortable XXL beds. Designed in collaboration with Ivory Worldwide, the Morpheus showroom is spread over three floors and showcases the complete collection of mattresses handcrafted by highly skilled specialists in the brand's Plymouth factory. The mattresses will be tested by sleep professionals who listen to customers' needs. A soft experience is guaranteed.

Vispring uses only natural materials in the design of its mattresses and reflects this in the design of its shop with oak and carpet materials in earthy tones. For the record, Vispring was the first mattress retailer to incorporate spring technology into its products. And as a reminder of this innovation, artist Giles Miller has made bespoke sculptural lighting installations from the springs.

Vuori's new flagship store comes to New York

Vuori is conquering Soho, New York's most desired shopping center for its location, lifestyle, and experience. The design of the shop is an experience in itself, as it is integrated into a historic building with a sleek, modern design covering 5,000 square meters. This area allows Vuori to display its products as works of art. The customer's journey takes place between customized, handmade lighting fixtures - made of natural materials, of course. A giant monograph adorns one of the walls of the shop and tells the story of the brand in a poetic and design-oriented way. In addition, there is a customized art installation depicting mountains. By the way, did you know that Vuori in Finnish means mountain? Finally, a large corridor, surrounded by illuminated arches, leads to the fitting rooms, which are also decorated and built-in soft colors.

Superdry invests in Battersea Power Station for its new shop

Battersea Power Station, London's former coal-fired power station, is being transformed into a shopping center. It welcomes hundreds of retailers to offer consumers a new customer experience in an unusual location. Amongst the carefully selected retailers, Superdry stands out with its 5,500 square meter shop alongside Lululemon, Uniqlo, and Mango, as well as designer favorites Hugo Boss, Mulberry, and Ralph Lauren.

Known for its iconic outerwear, boundless creativity, and dynamic attitude, Superdry combines classic style with contemporary culture. As with its Oxford Street flagship, the brand also features a vintage corner, which offers second-hand Nike clothing. A real test for the brand in this niche.

Levi's opens a shop-in-shop in Hudson Bay

Located in the heart of Husdon Bay, Levi's new shop-in-shop represents the brand's constant innovation and product quality in over 6,000 square meters. But what makes this store so unique? Levi's Tailor Shop, is a space dedicated to the customization of jeans. Special embroidery, colorful buttons, and the creative world of the customers are all part of the experience. Digital screens guide the customer through the store and into the fitting rooms. This technology acts as a personal shopper, able to make suggestions in real time about your look and send messages to the sales staff to bring the desired jeans. Levi's is turning its new realm into an experience place to better connect with customers and create the "perfect relationship".

The Puma House, the brand's new Instagrammable place

"Discover your true style and share your identity." This is the slogan of Puma's new iconic location. In the center of Peru's capital city, the sports brand is inaugurating its new women-only shop concept on the occasion of the launch of the She moves us campaign. Through this initiative, Puma shows that a brand can be committed to making women shine by creating a place that is entirely dedicated to them. From the choice of music to the decoration, to the workshops, everything has been designed for (and by) women. In fact, the new Mayze Stack sneaker is a daring model with an avant-garde design that highlights the authenticity of each woman.

Numerous decorations allow customers to take pictures of themselves and share their world, connected to the brand, on social networks. The brand seeks to establish a real connection between all women.

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