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Focus on 8 retailers who offer "green" alternatives in their shops

The future of retail will either be green or it won't be, and some brands have understood this. Here is a selection of eight shops that are moving the CSR lines by committing to various actions, as identified by Mood Media, a global specialist in customer experience at the point of sale.

Watsons' first sustainably designed shop in Malaysia

The new shop of Watsons, a Hong Kong-based pharmacy chain specialising in health and personal care, features a décor made from recycled materials. Its 3D decorative panel wall is made of bicycle parts and bagasse, a fibrous residue from crushed sugarcane stalks. Watsons also ensures that its outlet has a Naturals by Watsons refill station where empty shampoo bottles can be filled.

Dior's upcycled shop windows in France

At Dior, spring has an eco-responsible feel to it. As part of its "Dior in Green" CSR programme, the shop is hosting new window displays until the beginning of May, with the particularity of including materials that could not be used in the house's collections. These include bag buckles, charms and textile scraps from the brand's workshops, such as pieces of canvas with the Dior Oblique monogram.

Puma launches "Voice of a re:generation" to define sustainability that will engage the next generation

Puma has launched a new initiative to improve its sustainability journey by working with the next generation of sustainability change-makers. The project, called "Voice of a re:generation", starts by collaborating with four environmental "voices" from across Europe and the United States over a one-year period.

Aldi supports diversity in its teams

Aldi is rolling out diversity training and support to all of its 800 UK managers to ensure that its 40,000+ employees feel respected and included in the workplace. The guide is part of Aldi's wider 'Embrace' strategy for diversity and inclusion, which aims to ensure that the company is a respectful, supportive and representative workplace.

Finland's first-ever airport second-hand concept store

In a world-first, the second-hand concept store at Helsinki Airport will combine aspects of culture and recycling with a popular café to promote the airport's commitment to sustainability. Finnish architecture, wooden design and unique brands will make the shop an exciting meeting place in the heart of the boarding area.

High fashion campaign to encourage second-hand shopping

The Salvation Army Trading Company, the UK's largest charity-owned clothing collector, has launched a new campaign called "Reuse2Repurpose" to encourage people to buy second-hand clothes. The campaign features inspirational images with models dressed head to toe in clothes dropped off at the charity's collection points across the UK.

Solar energy to power Apple's new shop in Mumbai

Apple has announced that its new shop in Mumbai does not use any fossil fuels, only solar panels. The other special feature of the shop is that its ceiling, including the exterior, is made of triangular wooden panels handcrafted and assembled in Delhi.

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