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  • Dalila Bouaziz

Focus on five connected retailers around the world

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for retailers. This year, retailers will have to redouble their efforts and innovative ideas to satisfy the sometimes contradictory expectations of their customers. This month, discover a selection of connected retailers with Mood Media, the global specialist in customer experience at the point of sale.

Virtual fitting... in shop with Marks & Spencer

A new "very high-tech" retail experience for London's Marks & Spencer shop in Oxford Circus. The famous retailer is testing a new fitting model for its Jaeger ready-to-wear range. The good news? No more fitting rooms in the middle of winter where you have to take off your layers of clothes! Customers can use a personal photo, specify their measurements and personalise their silhouette with the items of their choice. The advantage of this virtual fitting also lies in the fact that they can try on products that are not specifically available in shops while benefiting from expert advice.

Three rooms, four atmospheres with LJC

Whether you are an amateur, a great sportsman, or just a sportswear consumer, the Italian brand LJC has created the ideal shop where it is pleasant to stay. Designed as a space that encourages interaction, the LJC gallery is divided into three reception areas organised in a 300 square metre space: a sales area, one dedicated to customising clothes, and the last one for relaxation equipped with a juice bar. This is enough to turn a window shopping trip into half a day of shopping! But the experience doesn't stop there. Augmented reality software has been developed to allow visitors to interact with the products. The goal for the brand is to offer a 100% phygital experience while satisfying the most varied needs of customers.

Louis Vuitton makes the buzz

Louis Vuitton's collaboration with the extravagant Yayoi Kusama is creating a buzz at the beginning of the year. By associating with the Japanese artist's fantastic world, the luxury brand's new collection could not go unnoticed. Combining giant sculptures, animated robots in the image of the artist, buildings covered in coloured polka dots, video games, and augmented reality, the LVMH group is sure to attract attention.

The omnichannel strategy of the luxury brand has never been so ambitious. Social networks are full of photos of these installations all over the world. It's impossible to ignore this high-powered operation, which was deployed from Tokyo to the Champs-Elysées.

KettyBot, the interactive robot from Currys

Britain's largest household appliance retailer Currys is offering a brand new service experience to its customers: KettyBot. This small interactive robot facilitates the customer's journey. Via a touch screen, visitors can tell the robot what product(s) they are looking for and KettyBot accompanies them to their destination.

Currys sees a real benefit in this application originally created for the hotel industry. This innovation makes the customer experience in the sales area more fluid. The advisors can spend more time with the customers, who seem to react well to the arrival of this new team member!

Okay Direct for last-minute shopping

The supermarket chain Okay is developing a new network of stand-alone shops. The supermarket chain is trying a new approach to its car park: a 100% autonomous shop, open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for those who miss the opening hours. The fully modular container offers 200 products with a focus on fresh, on-the-go, and snack solutions.

Customers access the shop by scanning a QR code or with their loyalty card, which will allow them to open the doors of the various refrigerators to fill their baskets. All purchases are then automatically recorded and payment is made electronically.

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