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  • Maëlle Chetal Gaillard

How La Maison du Chocolat develops its e-commerce site

La Maison du Chocolat, which has been involved in e-commerce since 1999, offers a multi-channel customer experience. To facilitate access to the delicacy for as many people as possible, the brand is accelerating its international growth.

At the annual Adobe conference, dedicated to digital decision-makers, representatives of La Maison du Chocolat spoke about their e-commerce strategy. "Founded in 1977, the artisan proposes to take chocolate out of the candy sector and give it its own identity," summarises Fabien Roux, financial manager. With a presence in four countries (France, the United States, Japan, and Hong Kong), the company began a shift towards online commerce in 1999. La Maison du Chocolat now generates 15% of its turnover from online sales and hopes to reach 20% in the next three years. The majority (60%) of its turnover is still achieved in shops. B2B accounts for 15% of sales volume.

The digitalization of the artisan chocolate maker

The digital journey initiated by the chocolate maker focuses on the feasibility of shipping products. "Our teams are working to reassure customers by developing products and packaging that are resistant to and suitable for shipping," says Jennifer Bredon, e-commerce and customer manager. The development of online commerce allows for a smoother customer journey thanks to data and customer service. "We know our customers' tastes and what they consume," stresses the e-commerce and customer relations director.

"The website is not a competitor to retail but a compliment", Jennifer Bredon, e-commerce and customer relations director

In addition to offering click-and-collect, La Maison du Chocolat is implementing a phone-and-collect service. Our customers are not always comfortable placing an order online and want human contact," explains Jennifer Bredon. We are setting up a feature that allows them to order and pay by phone. La Maison du Chocolat is thus continuing its digitalization. "The website does not appear to be a competitor to retail but rather a complement," points out the e-commerce and customer relations director.

Made in France, transparent and committed

The chocolate maker is keen on its artisanal approach, "all the products are made in Nanterre", insists the financial manager. "We benefit from 100% committed sourcing, thanks to which we know the origin of the cocoa and the producers". As for the packaging, it is eco-designed and entirely recyclable, made of paper and cardboard. "La Maison du Chocolat is committed to reducing waste by collaborating with To Good To Go" and thus offering its end-of-life products at reduced prices.

As for its international presence, the 21 countries delivered via its online site have some specificities. "The high season in Asia is not around Christmas but rather around Valentine's Day," says Fabien Roux. The e-commerce site, a real showcase for La Maison du Chocolat, allows international delivery. This is done via the European cross-border.

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