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Naturalia goes into reconquering mode

The chain of shops wants to convert new consumers to organic with a good price positioning and a food offer focused on taste and pleasure. More attractive outlets and a new brand signature accompany Naturalia's new brand promise.

"It's good to eat healthy" is the new Naturalia signature, which will be used in a national poster campaign in 2023. The idea is simple: to attract and convert new organic consumers without making them feel guilty but by making them want to go into Naturalia shops to discover new products and recipes. "For its 50th anniversary, Naturalia is becoming more independent by taking the decision to be, beyond organic, the specialist in healthy pleasures", announces the specialist chain. "More than ever, we must make our products accessible and free ourselves from the negative clichés that are associated with organic. To do this, we must be more open and inspiring. It is by attracting new consumers that we will support the revival of the organic sector", declared Allon Zeitoun, CEO of Naturalia, during a press conference on 6 April 2023. Knowing that organic is not the only answer to health, the young manager humbly reminds us that the offer must open up to other products, especially local ones guaranteed to be free of pesticides. A gourmet offer that is enriched by new brands, such as Hari&co, Love&Green, Les secrets de Loly, Respire or Avril, "nuggets" that are settling on the shelves of Naturalia shops.

Naturalia's rebound since February

After a second year of decline (-7% in 2022), the brand, which achieved 355 million euros in turnover in 2022 and which has a 10.2 point share of the organic retail segment, has also been hit hard by consumer disaffection for the label in view of the fall in purchasing power and the inflationary context. "However, since February, growth has picked up. We achieved +5% turnover in March 2023 VS March 2022", rejoices Allon Zeitoun. After a year of consolidation, the company with 245 shops, 74 of which are franchises, intends to develop lease management (about ten by the end of 2023).

Subscription-based loyalty programme for Naturalia customers

To stay in the race, the management is activating different levers of attractiveness. In terms of purchasing power, Naturalia offers 150 low-priced everyday products and 300 rotating promotions throughout the year (i.e. 20% of turnover from discounted prices). The private label also lists 271 everyday products. To play on prices, the brand is launching a loyalty programme, Fid+, a subscription at 4.99 euros per month, which gives a 10% discount on all products throughout the year. This offer is also available on the brand's website. Another adaptation to the market and consumer requirements is the improved visibility of the offer thanks to a simplified customer path and an educational approach for better use of the products, which are often unfamiliar to novices. Rethinking the choice and referencing of its offer by opening up to meet the brand's specifications (i.e. not exclusively organic), i.e. pleasure, efficiency, health (ban on nitrites and palm oil).

Welcome to the farm!

Naturalia is dressing up its shop concept (the first one was launched on rue d'Aligre in Paris in pilot mode) with the warm and simple atmosphere of a farm. A symbol of simple, authentic, no-fuss food. "Naturalia Aligre, welcome to the Parisian farm", announces the shop team. Raw and local products are favoured in the food offer (95% of the offer is Made in France). Part of the network will be rolled out over the year and the name will be adapted to each city. The customer journey is more fluid, each department is told, each product is explained to enable the consumer to better understand the use and health benefits or the balanced diet of each product. In addition, the shelves are organised by "consumption moments" such as snacks or aperitifs, and the fruit and vegetable section is particularly attractive. "This is our differentiating factor, particularly on the web (more than 20% of turnover on the web)", explains the CEO. It is also the department for the exaltation of taste, Naturalia's new weapon of seduction.

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