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  • Dalila Bouaziz

Oxybul Reinvents the Children's Store

Product demonstrations, giant models of board games, tables and chairs at children's level... the games and toys brand is presenting its new concept, designed as a playground where children can wander around and try out the products.

Visits up

In the largest of the brand's 26 shops, covering an area of 400 square metres, and the largest in terms of sales (with a target of €3 million for 2023), located in the Westfield les 4 Temps shopping centre in La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine), Oxybul is offering a new concept that is more airy and fun for children. The shop took three months to transform, and reopened at the end of October. We're taking the customer experience one step further, with more product demonstrations and activities," says Mickael Reno, store manager. We've optimised the space so that there's more room for play...".

As a result, children can wander between the shelves on scooters - available at the entrance - without any danger. "We have installed a ball pool, which is a real hit with the little ones, as well as multi-position armchairs where children can sit down, lie down for a while or read a book. There are also wooden activity tables where they can play and a table football table," says Mickael Reno. Parents can watch their offspring in real-life play situations. The demonstrations show how the child interacts with the toy," says Brand Manager Catherine de Bleeker. Parents discover skills they didn't necessarily know they had...".

The IDKids Group brand also has a permanent IDtroc corner, a new feature, to give a second life to games, toys and books. The "Izibul" range of childcare and storage products has also made its debut in the store. The new concept seems to be proving a great success, "with 30% more visitors".

Children at the heart of the concept

Located opposite a merry-go-round for children, the shop has a prime location in the 4 Temps shopping centre. Giant models of board games, tables at children's height: the shop is designed as a playground where children can wander around and try out the products. An experimental wooden panel for the little ones has been designed around the motor skills activities of the "Manibul" games (own brand) so that children can have fun on it.

There is also a reading corner, with small armchairs and a bookcase for children to use, as well as a small table and chairs for them to sit on. A great way for Oxybul to showcase its range of furniture.

"Talent brands" on the rise

Over the years, 800 "talent brands" have been launched. "We don't talk about private labels, because private labels are often seen as a variation on an existing branded product," explains Catherine de Bleeker. "Our approach is different: we start from a need and then develop it".

These products are sold internationally in 185 points of sale (Denmark, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia) as well as in France via dedicated corners in Galeries Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann or on the La Redoute platform.

A stronger offering

Oxybul is expanding its range of over 2,400 items with a selection of childcare brands such as Stokke, Beaba, Mam, Lassig, etc. The "Izibul" storage range is now available in the store. "We only have two or three products in each category, and we do the 'sorting' for our customers to remove all the intellectual and emotional burden. At the same time, we work with experts in early childhood and over 3,000 pilot parents," says the brand director.

A permanent IDtroc in the form of a sales depot

Created in 2011 on an event basis (four times a year), IDtroc gives a second life to children's games, toys and books. Over 200,000 sales have been made thanks to the store's corners, with more than 320,00 products on offer. With the new concept, Idtroc becomes permanent (two metres of dedicated shelf space). "In 2020, we launched an application for our customers. All they have to do is take a photo of the item, enter the price and print out the barcode," explains Catherine de Bleeker.

A more digital shop

Initially tested by the Group's textile brands (Okaïdi, Obaïbi, etc.), the sales tablets enable advisers to order products that are unavailable or only available online. "The order-in-store is multi-brand (18 brands in the group), offers a real contribution to sales, as is the case for nursery products", says Mickael Reno. The company was one of the first in its sector to offer click and collect, with orders collected in less than 2 hours.

"Oxybul is a digital native. We started out on the web before opening shops when the brand was acquired by Fnac in 2001 (prior to the takeover by IDKids in 2010, editor's note)," points out Catherine de Bleeker. "We continue to generate 50% of our sales through e-commerce (around €50-60 million)...".

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