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Picard steps up a nudge in the digital world with the launch of its new website

The growing importance of digital technologies, particularly mobile, and the need for new experiences expressed by customers have prompted Picard to speed up the development of its multi-channel ecosystem. Picard has chosen Big Youth to provide assistance in this overhaul.

In 2019, the previous version of the site registered 10 million unique visitors. Since the pandemic, which led to a spike in consumer purchases of frozen products, the site has seen a very strong increase in the number of visitors. It is in this context that Picard is launching its new site ( with the Big Youth agency, which meets three major objectives:

An accessible site: With the design and display adapted to all types of screens and also optimized for all people with disabilities, especially visual disabilities, allowing the use of vocalization systems (the brand has been publishing a catalogue in Braille for many years now). A site that is also accessible from search engines through optimized referencing. Semantic analyses have been carried out to position the site on the requests of Internet users for which the brand has relevant answers to provide.

An e-commerce site: With brand new ergonomics to improve customer experience. Clear, concise paths, an easier and richer search, a simplified product catalogue, complementary product proposals, automatic lists...

A showcase site: the site inspires and serves customers by offering recipes and solutions for each meal. It highlights the brand's commitments to organics, naturalness, French origin and ethics (respect for living organisms, the fight against food waste, more responsible packaging, etc.).

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