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  • Antoine Vella

Pimkie Unveils New Governance and Transformation Plan

With the aim of making Pimkie the favourite accessible brand for young women, the ready-to-wear retailer has appointed Salih Halassi as CEO and Elodie Chelle as Deputy Managing Director (DGA). The company is also unveiling an ambitious transformation plan based on the introduction of a new corporate culture.

There's something new in the Pimkie teams. The women's ready-to-wear retailer has made two appointments, with Salih Halassi as CEO and Elodie Chelle as deputy CEO. All of this is accompanied by a plan to transform the company.

A major triptych on the roadmap

The two new managers will be in charge of steering Pimkie's transformation, with a three-point plan:

  • Re-establish Pimkie as the accessible brand of choice for young women, with in-depth work on price levels to meet customers' needs in this period of inflation;

  • Build a scalable, crisis-resilient model, aiming for 40% near import by 2025, with an organisational model based on optimising key processes, agility and innovation;

  • Become a player in more sustainable consumption for all, with a CSR policy based on initiatives and a commitment to ensuring that 100% of its main collections are eco-designed (fashion score above 60).

"Our positioning is clear and assertive, and the inflections are identified to give life to the new Pimkie project, dimension by dimension. On the strength of our new assets and brand awareness, the pace at which we activate our performance levers will be crucial," says Salih Halassi, Chairman and CEO of Pimkie. As for Elodie Chelle, she says: "We draw our strength from Pimkie's DNA. More than ever, we will place our customers and our offer at the heart of all our strategic decisions.

Pimkie currently has 426 shops, mainly in Western Europe, including 302 in France. In 2020, the year of Covid, the ready-to-wear chain posted sales of €194 million.

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