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"SEO Square helps advertisers maximize the ROI of their SEO actions", Nicolas Nguyen

The 21st and 22nd of March will see the sixth edition of the SEO Square trade show organized by Semji. The software publisher offers a SaaS platform to produce SEO content. Meeting with the co-founder of Semji, at the initiative of SEO Square: Nicolas Nguyen.

Why did you launch this event?

The disciplines of SEO and digital marketing are based on intelligence and are constantly evolving. So, the SEO Square was born at the beginning of the Covid epidemic, in digital, to allow professionals to continue to learn. We offer 13 conferences given by professionals of Search Marketing, partners of the event. These talks focus on the two main growth levers: content and SEO.

Advertisers face difficulties in meeting their SEO needs

SEO is based on technique, content and popularity. Advertisers today have huge SEO needs but are having difficulty recruiting. We aim to help advertisers maximize the ROI [return on investment] of their SEO actions. We want to give them the keys to improve their strategies in a concrete and pragmatic way.

What developments do you see in search marketing?

Content marketing is a growing market. The top 5 websites generating the most traffic (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon) are essentially content-driven. This is also the raw material of SEO. However, artificial intelligence technologies may disrupt SEO content.

Artificial intelligence technologies may disrupt SEO content

Today we are witnessing a match between Microsoft and Google. Microsoft is investing $10 billion in Open AI, [the organization behind GPT Chat] to integrate it into Bing, its search engine. Google is rushing to respond with new features and integrating its Bard artificial intelligence technology into its search tool. It will soon be visible in Google search results.

What will be the highlights of the SEO Square?

Our webinar conferences focus on several topics including international SEO strategies and the challenges of artificial intelligence. We also address e-commerce via a conference given by Pauline Pouzou, senior tech SEO strategist at Oncrawl. The new SEO 2023 trends will be explained by Eliot Bobiet, co-founder of Content Rank. Guilhem Bertholet, CEO of Invox, will talk about content marketing.

Which visitors are you expecting?

We registered 4500 participants during the SEO Square edition in October 2022. We hope to exceed 5000 this time. Even though registration is open to everyone, we notice that the majority of attendees are professionals. They are SEO managers, traffic managers, e-commerce managers, marketing managers, content managers and digital project managers. We are also delighted to welcome students who want to learn about SEO strategies.

Biography :

Nicolas Nguyen is the founder of the content optimization platform Semji. An expert in natural referencing, he regularly participates in various meetings of the SEO sphere (SEO Camp, Web2day, in particular) to develop his vision of a content strategy focused on performance. Nicolas Nguyen won the French SEO contest "SEOtons" in 2010.

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