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[Study] The French are anticipating their holiday shopping earlier

Oracle Retail's consumer research reveals that shoppers are worried that supply chain and delivery delays will disrupt the vacation season. As a result, 39% of French shoppers have already started their holiday shopping or are planning to shop earlier than usual.

The French are starting their holiday shopping earlier to avoid delivery problems. 39% of them have already started their holiday shopping or have planned to shop earlier than usual. Of those surveyed, 12% intend to order more gifts than necessary in case some are delayed in delivery or have their order cancelled. This figure rises to 14% among millennials. 28% of those surveyed said they would buy more gift cards this year.

Supply Chain Discontents

- 16% of respondents are concerned that the products they want to buy will be more expensive due to shortages

- 13% worry that the products they want will not be available

- 12% are afraid that their friends and family will be disappointed if they don't receive the gift they want

55% of respondents will receive their gifts at home, but many (31%) are concerned that delivery periods will not meet their expectations and will be extended, if the products arrive at all. For 69% of respondents, accurate tracking of delivery status is very important and helps alleviate this concern.

- 35% of respondents believe that the speed of delivery determines which brand they will order from. 5% of consumers expect same day delivery, 27% expect delivery within 1 to 2 days and 49 expect delivery within 3 to 5 days.

- 37% of people say they will be very upset if shipments are delayed.

- 31% are afraid their gifts will arrive after the expected date.

- 15% intend to pay more to ensure effective and faster delivery.

Despite these challenges, being able to get the products they want will be a key factor in how consumers rate retailers this season:

- 26% agree that out-of-stock items are a catastrophic shopping experience.

- 37% say they are attracted to brands or retailers based on product availability.

- 27% will not wait for the vendor to restock and will shop elsewhere.

Despite the bait of low prices, many consumers have no intention of waiting until the vacation season to buy what they need. Only 22% of shoppers say they would be willing to participate in Amazon Prime Day, 37% and Black Friday sales. A smaller number (10%) say they will participate in Cyber Monday events.


- 35% of people plan to return some gifts (50% among millennials).

- 20% plan to return half of their gifts (29% of millennials).

- 55% of Generation Z shoppers will return at least some of their gifts, while 87% of baby boomers do not plan to return their gifts.

-Men (39%) are more likely than women (32%) to return at least some of their gifts Covid-19 and variants are not deterrents to vacation shopping.

Consumers appear to be less concerned about the pandemic this year and more shoppers are opting for in-store purchases this year.

- 16% of consumers intend to shop primarily in-store, 54% intend to shop both in-store and online.

- 79% feel comfortable shopping outdoors, in a store facing the street, for example, but 81% prefer to shop in a mall (indoors).

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