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  • Pierre-Nicolas Krimianis

"Think Human, the Customer Experience Revolution in the Digital age"

Olivier Duha, CEO of Webhelp, publishes his first book and looks back on 20 years of innovation in the field of customer relations.

Olivier Duha, co-founding chairman of the Webhelp Group, looks back on 20 years of innovation during which Webhelp has evolved from an innovative start-up to one of the world leaders in customer experience.

Throughout the pages, Olivier Duha shares his vision of the customer experience and defends a resolutely human-centred perspective. For him, the digital revolution is not about replacing people with technology but, on the contrary, about putting technology at the service of people.

He looks back at the evolution of customer relations over the thirty glorious years and explains that the evolution of consumption towards a notion of pleasure rather than necessity has revolutionized the place of the customer experience, placing it at the center of the purchasing process.

Thanks to his understanding of human behavior and the light of his experience, Olivier Duha gives decision-makers, throughout his book, effective tools for differentiation and loyalty to make their customer relations a weapon of conquest.

Webhelp has experienced strong growth since its inception, due to a growing market (3%), acquisitions, and strong organic growth with significant R&D investment, resulting in a turnover of over 2.4 billion euros. Today, the Group is represented by more than 110,000 employees in over 200 locations in more than 55 countries.

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