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  • Maëlle Chetal Gaillard

Twilio and Google Cloud expand their partnership to improve customer experience through AI

The Twilio customer engagement platform, which enables brands to create personalised experiences in real time, and Google Cloud have announced that they are strengthening their partnership. Twilio now integrates Google Could's generative artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience.

Twilio and Google are exploring new ways to integrate generative AI into the Twilio Flex digital engagement solution and the Twilio customer engagement platform. The aim is to transform the way brands personalise their interactions with their customers.

The integration of Google Cloud Center AI with the Twilio Flex solution

As part of the development of their partnership, Google Cloud and Twilio have announced a new integration between Google Cloud Center AI and Twilio Flex. This integration facilitates the deployment of AI-powered virtual agents capable of delivering self-service conversational interactions that can be deployed with a single click. Using conversational AI and natural language processing (NLP), these virtual agents can be configured to positively handle support requests that require little or no intervention from a human agent.

"With a trusted partner like Google, the combination of Twilio's Customer Engagement Platform data and Google Cloud's Vertex AI models aims to make generative AI capabilities available to hundreds of thousands of businesses to improve contact centre experiences, marketing campaign automation, and more," admits Meir Amiel, senior vice president of product and engineering for data & applications at Twilio. So, with support for over 30 languages and variants, customers can benefit from 24/7 support and get a rapid response to their queries. It also enables contact centre representatives to optimise the use of their time, by having virtual agents route priority calls with more complex queries to the appropriate agent, while providing a context summarising the initial interaction.

Improved customer relationship management

Google Cloud and Twilio are exploring the potential of integrating generative AI with Flex to transform the customer experience for everyday users. Together they are working on :

Personalised service

This generative AI appears to be able to provide recommendations to contact centre agents, telling them the "best action to take" when interacting with a specific customer.

Greater efficiency and analysis

Generative AI can proactively perform time-consuming tasks, such as writing post-call summaries that include analysis of intent and sentiment.

In-depth understanding

Generative AI automatically captures key data and features of customer calls, enabling customer profiles to be built.

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